Week One Done

My first “week” at the new job is now in the can and I am loving every minute of it! I put week in parentheses because it was actually three days, but starting on a Wednesday had its perks. Namely the preceding long weekend.

More on the job in a second.

I wanted to take advantage of the extra days off, so on Monday I hiked Black Elk Peak. Second time I’ve done so since we moved here, and I couldn’t help but marvel over how much things have changed since my trek to the peak last July. That first hike coincided with our one-month anniversary in South Dakota, Tara was about to start a new job, I was still freelancing full-time, and we had exactly one year left on our apartment lease. This time around, I reflected on how much we have thrived since moving here. These first 11 months (yes, it’s been that long already!) have been very good to us. Tara has a job she enjoys so much she actually looks forward to going to work; we are in the process of buying a house; I am debt-free and just started my own dream job. We hoped moving to Rapid City would be a good decision. In retrospect, it has actually exceeded our own wildest expectations.

Tuesday wasn’t nearly as exciting – unless you are the type of person who enjoys hanging out and watching a plumber do a sewer scope on your new property. At least I got to spend some more time in our new house. The irises in our backyard are in full bloom now and look beautiful!


Not so beautiful? The video of the sewer scope. I’m grateful for the YouTube link (I guess?), but if I never see a hose snaking 80′ through a sewer pipe again, I won’t complain. There is one potential future issue thanks to a rogue lilac in the front yard, but nothing we need to address immediately. Everything is on schedule with the purchase; we got the appraisal back on Wednesday and not only are we on track to close on time, but the sellers are actually wondering if we’d consider an early closing. We can’t do anything until I get my first paycheck from EGMRC on the 31st, but we’re down for closing after that if we can. It just gives us more time to start tearing down wallpaper and painting. We expect to have flooring estimates back sometime next week.

Knock on wood and everything, but do home purchases ever go this smoothly?!

Wednesday was my first day at EGMRC, and I will admit, I was a bundle of nerves. I think that’s pretty much par for the course anytime you start a new job. Fear of the unknown and all that. But within minutes of walking through the front door, I felt right at home. They had my workstation all set up and were configuring my computer. I got a tour of the office, filled out paperwork, and was set loose. I ended up proofing/editing the upcoming summer issue of our parenting magazine and knocked out an article, too. That’s the nice thing about being a writer: there isn’t a steep learning curve. I was happy to start contributing immediately.

About those workstations: they’re just about the coolest things ever. I liken them to cubicles on wheels; they’re partially enclosed for privacy, and because all the electrical outlets are ceiling-mounted, you can roll them around anywhere you’d like.


Other cool things about the office: the exposed brick, the wall of glass windows, the conference room made out of a shipping container, and the popcorn machine. Yeah…I’m totally digging this place.

The first half of the week was pretty warm. Our high on Wednesday was 85º! After work, a brief but rather intense line of thunderstorms rolled through. The clouds looked wicked and otherworldly.



Then yesterday, a really strong thunderstorm moved through downtown right around lunchtime. It was right on top of us at one point because a bright flash of lightning was followed immediately by a resulting thunderclap so loud the building shook and the lights flickered. Wild stuff. One other thing about EGMRC: they are a very dog-friendly office. The owner and several employees bring their dogs in every day (on Thursday, there were six of them – and there are only nine employees). Those poor dogs were freaked out by the thunder yesterday.

After work we stopped by Paddy O’Neill’s for drinks and a bite to eat. The rest of the weekend will be pretty low-key by design. This will likely be our last non-busy weekend for the rest of the summer. Tara is working for a few hours this morning, but then we are going to watch movies and hang out at home. The weather has, once again, taken a dramatic turn; it is rainy and only in the low 40s today. There is even more snow in the forecast, though it shouldn’t amount to anything. Some spots in the Black Hills might see a few inches.

That’s all the happenings for now!

12 thoughts on “Week One Done

  1. Those work stations are very interesting. Is there a reason that they don’t enclose the front side completely? I guess it’s so you don’t feel like you’re in a cubicle. Those irises are amazing! We have the tall ‘bearded’ variety here that are just sporadic bloomers. Some years we get 2, but this year there are 8.


  2. I guess none of the employees have dog allergies. Are you keeping it quiet that you’re more of a cat person? 😉 The place does sound awesome, particularly the container conference room.
    Glad the house things are going well. Hope the flooring estimates aren’t the thing that finally goes awry.
    Any more news on Doris?
    You’re not telling us what movies you’re watching? How unlike you! BTW, I have Funny Farm out from the library currently. We’ll probably watch it tonight. Hubs has seen, but I haven’t, at least as far as I can remember. It’s time for my (re-?)education.

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    1. That’s awesome! Let me know what you think of “Funny Farm” after watching it.

      I am downplaying the whole “cat person” thing by blaming my lack of having a dog on the fact that I live in a tiny apartment. I guess that excuse won’t hold water much longer, ha.

      No more Doris happenings in the past few days.

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      1. We ended up watching 2 episodes of Community instead due to lack of time. I will keep you posted, though. Hey, both have Chevy Chase, come to think of it!
        Do you think you’ll cave and get a dog?
        Still no idea how she died, huh?

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      2. And I gotta say, your job: proofing, editing, writing articles–that’s what I do too. And a parenting mag… I wrote a book on parenting! Does your company hire remotely? 😉 As great as you make your new home sound, I’d rather stay put, despite my lack of fake wood paneling. 🙂

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      3. I really don’t foresee a dog in our future – but never say never. I used to love Community, so I can’t blame you for watching that instead.

        Writing, proofing, editing – they’re my jam. Yours too! We actually do work with freelancers and with your expertise in parenting, maybe we can collaborate someday. I will keep you in mind for sure.

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  3. Mark, first, your photographs of Black Elk Peak are STUNNING! What a gorgeous area! The lookout tower is WOW! I was anxious to see what Spring would be like in your new home. It’s beautiful!

    Second, I LOVE your work space/workstation. It’s so cool! In fact, I love the whole ambiance/decor of your new workplace because it looks very “industrial” and I love the look of industrial design, in which things like, the exposed brick walls, light fixtures, the duck work, etc. are totally exposed in view. That’s why I love SoHo in NYC, because all the lofts are industrial.

    Great shots of the thunderstorm sky. I love the look of a stormy sky.

    So glad that all is well for your and Tara, and that you’re so happy you made the move to South Dakota. I’m happy for you!

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    1. I love the industrial chic look, too. It’s very similar to the company I worked for in Washington, but there is more exposed brick here and no skylights – two pluses!


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