Lenny Kravitz: Good Luck Charm

If it seems like I’m posting more often than usual these days, that’s because I’m posting more often than usual these days. What can I say? There is a lot going on in my life and I want to record it all for posterity.

Plus, I’ve had lots of requests for house pics, so there is that.

Yesterday, we had our home inspection. These things are always a little nerve-wracking; the inspector could discover something seriously wrong with the house that forces you to back out of the deal. Fortunately, that did not happen. Instead, he concluded our house is in very good shape. It has been well-maintained and obviously cared for; the foundation is solid, the roof is new, and there are no major issues to worry about. There are a few minor concerns, mostly electrical-related issues, but those are easy fixes. We’ll need to have the heating ducts cleaned, replace some outlets with GFCIs, that sort of thing. A chimney inspection is probably a wise idea, too. But all in all, everything looks great. After hearing the story behind our purchase – the out-of-state sellers handling their mom’s estate, the offer they accepted without countering, what we will end up paying –  and thoroughly examining the property, he concluded that we are getting a great deal, especially for this part of town.

What a relief!

Oh, fun fact: the day we first went to look at the house, I was listening to a Lenny Kravitz playlist I made on Spotify. We ended up putting in the offer and it was accepted the next day. So on the way over to the inspection, I figured I’d play Lenny again. And we passed with flying colors. Lenny Kravitz, it seems, is my good luck charm.


Next step? The bank will order an appraisal. These are taking about four weeks currently, which is a lot faster than we’d figured. After that, we’ll close. Great!…

…except for the fact that our apartment lease does not expire until July 25.

Nothing much we can do about that. Everything has happened much more quickly than anticipated. We hope to take advantage of the overlap by doing the painting and remodeling before actually moving in. But how hard is it going to be to go back to a small apartment every night once we have the keys to a beautiful home? It’ll all just depend on our contractor’s schedule. Apparently a lot of them are booked pretty far in advance. Tara took measurements of all the upstairs rooms this morning so we’ll know exactly how much flooring and carpeting is needed. We plan to jump right on that and start looking at samples as soon as possible. Like, tonight. The clock is ticking!

Worst case scenario, we can “live” in the basement while they’re working on the upstairs. I mean, that’s where we’ll be spending most of our time anyway. We’d just have to keep Sydney corralled.

She is going to love moving for the second summer in a row.

Work has been slow this week. Tomorrow is my last day! Seems like I was just freaking out over giving my two-week’s notice. I’ve had a few proposals to work on and some loose ends to tie up, but otherwise, not a lot to do. I am definitely feeling a disconnect this week. The company just landed a huge contract, one that will be a real game-changer, and everybody has been meeting behind closed doors all week strategizing over the details. I am happy for them, but man, are they going to have their work cut out for them. This company is going to look dramatically different a year from now; I don’t know whether to feel relieved that I’m getting out now, or melancholy about missing out on this big opportunity. Maybe a little of both? My boss has made it a point to remind me at least once a day that “you can still stay!”, ha. I appreciate that, but I am following my heart and excited to begin my new job next Wednesday.

This weekend we might be driving to Sundance, Wyoming to buy a table and chairs Tara found online. “They’ll be perfect for game nights!” she declared. She is not wrong about that. It’s adorable to see her so excited over house stuff.

9 thoughts on “Lenny Kravitz: Good Luck Charm

  1. SO happy for you guys. All great stuff. Glad you have a cushion before your apartment lease is up since things so often tend to take longer than we think they will. Also nice that your boss wants you to stay. So much better than him being like, “Dude. You still here?”
    I feel like I need me some Lenny now.
    Yep, Fly Away is playing. (First to pop up.) Gosh, it’s been a while.

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  2. So exciting to move into a new place, esp. a house! And those inspectors ALWAYS find something . . . that’s their job, I guess! Can’t have any old regular electrical outlet within a 3 feet of a sink!!! Or something like that. We were so happy to get the keys to this place and start painting and getting carpet installed before moving in. So much easier! Have fun picking out stuff.


    1. Exactly! An inspector would probably feel like he/she hadn’t done their job properly if they didn’t note anything. I’ve purchased two new homes in my life and they both had minor issues, as well.


  3. Mark, so happy to hear that the inspection went well and that your house is in very good shape. Yahoooo! I’m sure you and Tara are both relieved and beyond happy 🙂

    ” we can “live” in the basement while they’re working on the upstairs. I mean, that’s where we’ll be spending most of our time anyway.”

    That’s an awesome idea!

    I can’t believe how fast this is all going. Hey, before you know it, you’ll be in your NEW HOME!!!

    Have a great last day at work. And I’ll be anxious to hear how your first day goes next Wednesday.

    The best to you, my friend!


    1. Everything has been speeding along, Ron. And as busy as this summer is going to be, before we know it, it’ll be winter again! Of course, seeing that it snowed as recently as two days ago, winter doesn’t feel like it’s ever actually left us yet.

      Have a great weekend!


  4. My kitchen counter is similar. Once you add the microwave, the dish rack, the toaster and the coffee pot there’s no counter space to prepare meals. Can be frustrating but since it’s just father and I and we rarely have visitors the simple limited space is something not so impossible with which to adjust. Does look like you have enough space to add one of those island counter things which also offers more storage space.


    1. We actually did talk about a kitchen island – we’ve both always wanted one – but honestly, we have so much cabinet/counter space, it probably won’t be necessary. At least we have options.


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