This is a rare Friday where I haven’t carpooled to work with Tara. My criteria for driving in solo has evolved quite a bit this winter. Initially, if there were even a few icy spots on the road, I’d grab a ride with her in the truck. But after six weeks where the temperature has only cracked 32° a couple of times, there’s pretty much always snow and ice on the road. That’s kind of forced my hand, so now I’m game to take the Mazda as long as a ton of snow hasn’t fallen overnight and isn’t forecast to begin falling before 5:00. I have to say, I’ve gotten a lot better at navigating my car through snow and ice and can’t help but feel a sense of pride over this accomplishment, even though it’s probably pretty basic for a lot of you. Hey, living in climates where snow is a rarity for three decades dulls your driving senses, so I think I’m entitled to feel good about this newfound skill!

It’s supposed to snow again overnight, but the 3-5″ and blizzard conditions they were predicting yesterday has been downgraded to a couple of inches, so it looks like we’re dodging a bullet. I have to admit, like so many other locals (and probably the entire Midwest), I’m actually looking forward to spring. I won’t say I’ve had my fill of snow and cold – that’ll never happen! – but it will be nice to venture outside without fear of frostbite. Plus, we’ve had 50 inches of snow since October (normal for the entire season is 42″ and we ain’t done yet) so, you know, I can’t complain about a lack of the fluffy white stuff.

Kinda looks like Mount Hood, but it’s the sidewalk in downtown Rapid City.

I will say, living here has given me a newfound appreciation for spring and summer – seasons that I never much cared for living in the PNW. Probably because I was always  a bit underwhelmed by winter out there and always wanted more. It was never cold enough or snowy enough for my liking, so by the time March rolled around and our chances of seeing any exciting weather for the next eight months were pretty much dead, I grieved with the same passion I might experience laying a loved one to rest. That is so not the case in South Dakota! If we didn’t see another snowflake until November I would still be completely satisfied with this winter. So yeah, I’m actually looking forward to spring and summer for maybe the first time in my life, and all the possibilities that accompany warm weather: hiking and camping and grilling outside and Summer Nights concerts downtown and, of course, those spectacular (and ominous) thunderstorms that roll across the Great Plains unleashing their fury. And I’m sure, six months from now, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the first snowfall again. It’s great living in a place where you can appreciate all the seasons instead of just a couple of ’em!

You know what else I’m looking forward to? This magnificent product they were discussing on the local news a few days ago.


Isn’t it beautiful?! Heinz is coming out with this mustard-mayonnaise hybrid (and a mayonnaise-BBQ sauce mashup called, naturally, Mayocue) on the heels of its successful Mayochup (mayonnaise/ketchup) product launch last year.

Scoff if you will, but I’m excited for this product! Back in 2012, Tara and I went to a street festival in Portland and grabbed a couple of reindeer meat hot dogs (because this was a street festival in Portland). The vendor had squeeze bottles of condiments in which to top your Rudolph dog (for lack of a better term) and one of them was a delicious concoction that he was super cagey about. He wouldn’t admit that it was a mustard-mayo combo, even when pressed, but obviously it was a mustard-mayo combo. I thought that was a genius idea then, so I am thrilled that Heinz is rolling out this product nationally next month.

I mean, I suppose you could always make your own rather than shelling out $3.49 for a bottle, but in this fast-paced and hectic world, who’s got time for that?! I, for one, am all about convenience. Plus, I’m sure the scientists in the Heinz food laboratory spent countless hours perfecting the ratio to get the formula exactly right. I trust their expertise a whole lot more than my sure-to-be-foolhardy attempt at mixing just the right amounts of mayonnaise and mustard together to achieve the perfect flavor profile.

This all might sound a little tongue-in-cheek, but I’m not kidding. I’m already clearing a prominent spot on my refrigerator shelf in which to showcase Mayomust!

6 thoughts on “Mayomust-Have

  1. “…we’ve had 50 inches of snow since October”

    WOW…that’s incredible, Mark!?!?! I’ve certainly enjoyed your snow photographs since you’ve moved because we barely got any. But I know what you mean, in as much as I love winter (and the cold and snow), I’m always happy to see Spring again. However, I can’t say that about Summer because our summer’s here are horrendously hot and incredibly humid.

    But that’s why I moved back East because in as much as I don’t like summer, I do enjoy having seasons that change. Summer makes me enjoy Fall and Winter more!

    Love the idea of MAYOMUST! What a great combination. I bet it tastes heavenly. Like a creamy-mustard.

    Have a faaaaaabulous weekend, my friend!

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    1. That’s exactly what it tasted like, Ron – creamy mustard. I could never understand why the hot dog vendor was so secretive about his sauce. I’m pretty sure it was just straight-up mustard and mayo, with maybe a smidge of garlic mixed in, too.


  2. Well, I’m glad you finally get it! Lol! It’s super depressing to not see the ground or the sun for months on end. I think the average snowfall here is around 70, but we’ve been lucky to not have that this year. And trust me, plenty of folks around here forget how to drive in the snow every season!

    I had not heard of the Heinz creations. But back in the 80’s, my spouse and I used to frequent The Ground Round and we loved their BBQ sauce that was served with chicken fingers. Finally asked and learned it was just BBQ and mayo. I still make it on occasion.


    1. Aha – you’re the demographic Heinz is going after! You know, with your commitment to trying new things this year, you should pick up all three flavors and report back to us!


    1. Ha! I lived in CA for eight years and absolutely despised it. I’ll take the snow and cold any day, but I understand that many people would not make that choice and can totally respect it!


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