Periwinkle is a Moose

Tara was looking at houses on last night (her favorite pastime) and showed me one that caught her fancy. The following conversation ensued.

“I love the periwinkle walls!” she said.
“WTF is periwinkle?” I asked.
“It’s a shade of blue.”
“Why not call it blue then?”
“Because it’s not quite blue. It’s sort of violet, too.”
“I’m okay with calling it blue-violet. Periwinkle sounds like a cartoon moose.”

At this point she just rolled her eyes at me. Another favorite pastime, come to think of it.

It’s going to be fun when we start looking at paint samples. She’ll be on the hunt for juniper and lemongrass, and I’ll be like, “Got anything in green?”

Are we painting walls or gathering ingredients to brew a cup of tea?

It’s another snowy, blustery, hovering-near-zero day. A year ago, when I was imagining what it would be like to experience winter in South Dakota, this is exactly the type of day I pictured. I’m not complaining – instead of doing something crazy like going outside in this weather, I just closed my office door and read my Kindle over lunch. However, I wish there had been more days like this when I was working from home. The snow is beautiful and peaceful, but venturing out is a bitch when it’s this frigid. First, you’ve got to brush snow and/or scrape ice from your windshield. Then, you turn the heater on full blast, but it doesn’t warm up your car until right about the time you’re pulling into the parking lot at work. That’s the drawback to a 12-minute commute, I suppose. At least Tara and I can carpool on days like this.

The view from my office today.

Hard to believe it’s only going to get colder the next couple of days. -12° tonight with a wind chill pushing 40 below zero. Day-um.

It’s also hard to believe our high temperature on Saturday was 63°. What did we do to take advantage of the rare, springlike warmth, you might ask? We, umm, went hiking in the Black Hills. Where it was twenty degrees colder and windy.

This is why we willingly left behind 60°+ temps on Saturday.
Frozen Pactola Reservoir.

But, you know, we’ll have warm weather again. May is practically right around the corner!

Last week the Rapid City Public Library held a scavenger hunt. They hid 10 vouchers for free Rapid City Rush hockey tickets throughout the library, and posted clues on their Facebook page. I love a good scavenger hunt and we have had fun at the Rush games we’ve attended, so I studied the hints very carefully and got there right when they opened on Friday morning. I am fortunate to work a block away.


Sure enough, I found the voucher I was looking for easily enough. I ended up being the first winner of the day! And then Tara was #7, thanks to some additional sleuthing on my part. I knew the location of a third ticket as well, but I didn’t want to monopolize the whole thing! Plus, you were limited to one per person, anyway. So, we can now redeem our vouchers for two free tickets to a Rush game of our choosing. They’re about a $30 value each. Not bad for a few minutes’ work, huh?

5 thoughts on “Periwinkle is a Moose

  1. Nice prize for the scavenger hunt! I am obsessed with myself. Never even knew those sites existed till we began our house hunt in 2011. And now, all these years later, I can’t help but check once or twice a week for new houses that have gone up in our town. Fun to be nosy and make fun of the decor!

    Pro tip: Always wear winter gloves, even if you are only going to be in the car. You do not want to experience cuticle cracks.


    1. I have about half a dozen pair of gloves, lol. I keep one in the glove compartment (duh), one in my desk at work, one in the pocket of my winter coat, and another couple more in a drawer. I can’t remember the last time I walked around outside without them!


  2. “Periwinkle sounds like a cartoon moose.”

    HA! Loved that! And please tell Tara that I LOVE the color, periwinkle 🙂 It’s such a wonderful color, but one that is challenging to describe because it has so many different hues.

    I am so enjoying your snowy pictures (both here and on Instagram) because we’ve pretty much have had a BORING winter so far. However, I’m not giving up because we’ve had snow in Feb, March AND April, in past years. So, it ain’t over til’ it’s over.

    Two days ago it was 67 degrees with a 605 humidity, so it felt like it was freaking 85 degrees. HATED it!

    “Frozen Pactola Reservoir”

    Glorious capture!

    That scavenger hunt sounded like great fun! And congrats on being the first winner of the day!


    1. That is MUCH too warm and humid for February! But like you said, winter is not over yet. I learned that Rapid City gets the bulk of its snowfall in March and April. Hard to believe there’s that much more still to come!

      Have a great week, my friend.


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