This Here’s the Rubber Duck

We bought walkie-talkies on Amazon last week, and I have to admit, I’m pretty excited. More so than any self-respecting adult should be.

Good thing I have so little self-respect!

The whole thing was Tara’s idea; she’d suggested a while ago that we purchase walkie-talkies so we can communicate more easily between vehicles while driving across the country. There’d be no fiddling with cellphones that way, and besides, service is spotty at best in some of the rural areas we’ll be driving through. Like the Continental Divide and probably 90% of Montana. The funny thing is, when I mentioned buying them last week, she completely forgot she’d already thought of that, said “What a great idea, babe!” and called me a genius. I was tempted to go ahead and take the credit – it’s not every day that your wife calls you brilliant – but in the end, I agreed that while the idea was smart, it was not mine.

I have already warned her that she can expect a lot of “Breaker 1-9” and “10-4, good buddy” talk from me. And I’ve been listening to C.W. McCall’s classic 1975 rock ‘n roll hit “Convoy” to brush up on my CB slang.


The best part is, even after we move, we’ll be able to use the walkie-talkies on our hiking adventures in the Black Hills.

We had a really nice holiday weekend that was both fun and productive. Saturday was spent at McMenamin’s Grand Lodge hanging out with our good friend Chris. We meet up with her every couple of months for a day of frivolity, and while the day was bittersweet knowing we won’t be having any more of these get-togethers, we did not let that stop us from having a great time. There was good food, lots of drinks, and endless conversation. We played shuffleboard and pool and walked around the gardens and talked about her coming out to visit us in South Dakota. Plenty of people say they’re going to do that, but I take it all with a grain of salt. I believe Chris actually will.



Sunday I spent hours packing, while Tara went into the office to catch up on work. I’d say we’re about 90% finished at this point; the apartment is looking pretty bare now and sounds echoey. We did take a break midday to grab sushi for lunch, and went over my parents’ house for dinner.

Monday we lazed around in the morning, then headed down to the Hawthorne District for one last hurrah in my favorite Portland neighborhood. And in doing so, crossed yet another item off our Farewell Tour.

After lunch and browsing/shopping through book stores and vintage shops, we shot over to Burnside and picked up a few records from Music Millennium. I know we’re supposed to be boxing things up rather than accumulating new things, records are the exception.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at home. Back to work today, but no end-of-the-weekend blues for this guy. Every day gone by gets us one day closer to the biggest adventure of our lives.

Countdown: 24 Days

6 thoughts on “This Here’s the Rubber Duck

  1. Mark, it’s so ironic that you posted about walkies because where I work, we use headsets to communicate with each other throughout the day on the sales floor. And anytime someone says something directly to me, instead of just saying ‘Okay, thank you.”, I ALWAYS say, ““Breaker 1-9” and “10-4, good buddy, over and out.” I KID YOU NOT! Most people at work (because they are literally so much younger than me) don’t know what I mean because they have no idea what a walkie is. However, back when I was a kid, they were the RAGE; especially when driving. So I think it’s an AWESOME idea that you and Tara plan on using them on your drive to South Dakota.

    GREAT photographs!

    ” Every day gone by gets us one day closer to the biggest adventure of our lives.”

    And I bet you’re sooooooooooo excited!

    I’m off this week, so I’ll be heading up to NYC for a few days to check various things out. I’ll be posting about it later in the week.


    1. Good for you for keeping the CB lingo alive, Ron! Kids these days are missing out. Saying that makes me feel old, but it’s true: kids these days ARE missing out!

      Ooh, can’t wait to hear about your NYC fact-finding mission this week. Hope you have good weather and a great time!


  2. My son had walkie talkies as a kid and I kept them because you never know when you might need them! I also kept his metal detector!

    And aren’t you too young to remember Convoy?!?


    1. I used to want a metal detector so badly when I was a kid. It was my ticket to buried treasure – I was sure of that!

      I was very young when “Convoy” came out, but I do remember it. And I loved “Smokey and the Bandit.”


  3. I, too, have considered the walkie-talkie idea for when we make our Big Move from NY to TX. Will be curious to know how it all works out for the two of you. It’s a great idea and I think it would save a lot of frustration! (As an aside, my CB handle was\is Rubber Chicken) “This here’s Rubber Chicken reachin’ out to my good buddy … What’s your 10-20?”


    1. I can’t wait to use them! We’ve already tried them out and they work like a charm between the living room and bedroom, ha. (OK, fine. The real test will come on the road.)

      We are working on coming up with the perfect CB handles now!


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