All Her Suicides Are Fake

One of the best things about this time of year is the early sunrises. I might think otherwise if I ever slept in, but I’m up super early most mornings so it’s a non-issue. Sometimes I’m out walking, like today. The sun was just cresting the eastern horizon on my final circuit through the park, lighting up the clouds in shades of cotton candy pink and fiery orange, and it stopped me in my tracks.


I’ve only got 45 more PNW sunrises to enjoy, so I’m going to make an effort to see as many of ’em as I can.

Are you familiar with the concept of synchronicity? I’m not talking about the 1983 album by The Police (though “King of Pain” is a great song), but rather, the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” is a great example. It is said to sync up perfectly with “The Wizard of Oz.” The band claims it’s purely coincidental, but I’m not so sure. I’ve watched them simultaneously and they really do seem to be interconnected. I’m fascinated by this stuff, because synchronicity seems to be a recurring theme in my life. I notice it all the time.

Most often these episodes are music-related. Like, for instance, I’ll be listening to The White Stripes (“I’m thinking about my doorbell/When ya gonna ring it, when you going to ring it”) and then the doorbell will ring. Things of that nature.

Saturday was an especially synchronicity-heavy day.

At one point I was scrolling through Instagram, and at the exact moment I was looking at a post from a friend named Michelle, the song playing on my phone mentioned a woman named Michelle. Earlier in the day, I was packing, and had just grabbed a Lumineers CD. At the very moment I was putting it in the box, I heard the Lumineers playing from the other room. The crazy thing is, I never listen to CDs anymore. My entire collection is packed away in a plastic tub and buried somewhere in the garage. I happened to have this one and only CD in the bedroom because it was a gift I hadn’t gotten to putting away yet.

But the universe was saving the strangest thing of all for the end of the evening. My parents are in South Africa on that safari, remember? Tara and I went over to their house to borrow their grill and barbecue some baby back ribs. We had already made several trips in and out their front door and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. So imagine my surprise when I opened the door again to grab something from my car and saw – sitting on the welcome mat, in plain sight – a freakin’ animal cracker.


I’m sure of that. The welcome mat is black, the animal cracker was white. I spotted it immediately when I opened the door.

The mystery animal cracker.

And, though I’m not proud to admit this, I nearly screamed. Because honestly, it freaked me out like nobody’s business. Even Tara, who is far more rational than I am, could offer no logical explanation. In recounting this story earlier, somebody suggested, well, a crow flying by could have dropped it.

Sure. I suppose that’s possible. Or would be if the welcome mat wasn’t located beneath a covered porch.

Another weird coincidence in a long string of them, or something more? I’m not even going to hazard a guess.

I am curious, though: does this sort of thing ever happen to you?

Countdown: 45 Days

9 thoughts on “All Her Suicides Are Fake

  1. Ok, that’s just creepy! Do you or your parents ever eat animal crackers? My only explanation is that the cracker was on something else and somehow got transferred when you were carrying stuff inside.

    My only experience with synchronicity is when I’m driving along and the song on the radio seems to match something outside my window (person on sidewalk, etc.) Always makes me laugh!


    1. My brother thinks my dad is an animal cracker fan. Could be…I’m going to check their pantry the next time we’re over there. But I am 100% sure that cracker was not there when we arrived!


  2. Mark, first, that sunrise photograph you captured is AMAZING. WOW…the color is STUNNING~

    Second, the whole finding the animal cracker on your parents front door mat while they’re in Africa on a safari is SUCH an uncanny synchronicity! I would have screamed too.

    And yes, this sort of thing happens to me as well. It’s funny how you and I are on the same life path lately, with our moves and all. And what’s really funny is that lately ( for the past 3 week), this type of “synchronicity stuff” has been happening to me too. For instance, I will think of someone and they’ll text, email or call me. Also, I’ve been thinking of certain customers who I wait on in my store and BAM…that same day they’ll come into the store. I’ll think of a song and it will come on. I’ll think of a movie and suddenly I’ll spot it on You Tube.

    I feel very in tuned (and sensitive) to Universal energy lately.


    1. Oh, yeah – I definitely feel “in tune” with the Universe myself! Those are the exact same things that happen to me. Many times a week, no less. I find it both creepy and cool!


    1. Hi, Carol! Yes, I find all these topics fascinating. I’ve always been drawn to this sort of thing.

      We’d love to meet up with you in Rapid City! We’ll be at the Super 8 on Mount Rushmore Rd. June 24-30. Beyond that, hopefully we’ll have found a more permanent address.

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  3. Sure. Every night when I wake up and have to go into the kitchen for a chocolate fix the furniture has moved itself so I stub my toes. In in the morning day light it has moved itself back where it’s supposed to be.When I do not get up to get candy I never stub my toe. Neither do I stub my toe if I turn on the light. Weird, eh ? I bought the MLB cable package so I can watch all the Yankee games. When I say to myself “this guy’s gonna homer” I have been correct about 75% of the time. Another example is that back in my drinking days every time I bought a bottle of vodka (daily) I got stone drunk. How’s that for synchronicity ?! I mean it can’t be mere coincidence right ?


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