Orange, Naturally

We spend one-third of our lives at work. So it stands to reason that we should make our workspaces cozy and inviting, no? With that in mind, I decided to spruce up my own 12’x12′ slice of heaven last week with what can best be described as an impulse purchase.

That is, if you consider an orange shag rug an impulse buy.

Given that I am a child of the 70s, and have long expressed an admiration for the decade, it was probably less impulsive than you might think.

Regardless, I’m diggin’ my new Seventies-themed workspace.


How groovy is that? Next up: a beanbag chair. Orange, naturally.

So I’ve got this whole pseudo-hippie thing going on. Beaded curtain, lava lamps, peace signs, tie-dye shirts, lava lamps, incense, yadda yadda. I think I was born 15 years too late. Not that I’m complaining, though. I’m happy not being in my 60s, y’know?

Anyway. So as to preserve my new rug, I am also wearing slippers at work. I keep a pair there, and slip out of my shoes every morning (and back into them before I leave for the day). In the summer, I imagine I might go barefoot.

My coworkers have had mixed reactions. Most like it, but a particularly stubborn one who shall remain nameless is opposed. I have no idea why, but suspect she is merely jealous.

What will she think when I bring my Pet Rock to work?


Guilty confession alert: I really, really like Kevin Can Wait.

Yeah, I know. The critics are slamming it. IMDB says 5.8, which translates to: bitch, please. And it’s a very conventional (polite way of saying “unoriginal”) sitcom with recycled plots and an annoying laugh track. But damn if it doesn’t crack me up!kcw-mainelement-2

I can’t help it. Kevin James is hilarious. I loved The King of Queens, as well as many of his movies. Yes…even Paul Blart: Mall Cop. And I find myself laughing out loud, week after week, over his exploits on the new show. I don’t care if it isn’t highbrow or trendy or hip, and airs on CBS instead of Netflix or HBO. Bottom line: it makes me laugh, and that’s all that matters.


And just like that, our snow is gone.

It was nice while it lasted. And it lasted quite awhile – a whole week, to be exact. But it was also, in many ways, a pain in the ass while it lasted. Roads were a mess. Sidewalks were treacherous. 2′-long icicles dangling from the eaves put the fear of god in me as I imagined a death by impalement. So, pretty as it was, I’m glad it finally warmed up and started raining instead of snowing. 40 degrees never felt so tropical.

I’d be lying, though, if I said I didn’t miss it already. Just a little bit.

Encore, Mother Nature?

17 thoughts on “Orange, Naturally

  1. The orange accents really make your office space pop (says someone who watches a little too much HGTV).

    I got turned onto King of Queens when it hit TVLand. Hilarious! My favorite episodes are: Doug buying the ice cream truck, Carrie trying to get rid of her accent, and Spence being a ‘manny’ for Deacon’s kids. Patton Oswalt is stellar on that show!

    All that said, I’ve tried the new show a few times and it feels like a lesser version of king of Queens. Maybe I need to try again?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My hands-down favorite? The pole dancing episode. Doug killed it!

      “Kevin Can Wait” is a lesser version of “King of Queens.” Kevin on the show really is Doug 2.0, only with a less sassy wife, a couple of kids, and no FIL living in the basement. I like it!


  2. I can’t say as I approve of the orange. I only like it when it’s applied to nature, pumpkins, oranges, flowers, etc. The concept, however, two thumbs up! For that pesky coworker who would dare frown upon bare feet in the workplace, may I suggest either a pair of Buffalo sandals for summer or just do what they do around here, Winter = Birkenstock’s with warm, wool socks. Summer = Birkenstock’s w/o socks. If it’s good enough for Cornell, it should be good enough for your work place! I kid you not! I’ve lost count of how many suits & ties I’ve seen accented with Birkenstock sandals!


  3. I love your new rug. Throw in some avocado green. That was a big color in the 70s. My parents gave me an avocado green velvet chair when I moved out. I used to throw a sheet over it. Now I’m kicking myself for eventually getting rid of it. It was awesome. 


    Heidi Komlofske-Rojek

    Typos courtesy of my iPhone 😜


  4. 12×12? Wow, you must be a big shot. I probably averaged 8×10 in my cubical career, sometimes less. Hard to do much decorating, although I once made an origami bird mobile (flying seagulls). As it hung over the corner of my desk my wise guy officemate left drops of white out (remember that stuff?) underneath the birds.


    1. Hmm…I was just estimating my total work area. Might be smaller than that, actually. I was never good with numbers!

      I remember White Out very well from my typing days! That’s a hilarious prank, btw.


  5. “That is, if you consider an orange shag rug an impulse buy.”


    Mark, I freakin’ LOVE it! As you know, I’m from that era, so I had shag carpeting in my room (green and blue mixture), a beading curtain on my bedroom door, inflatable furniture, AND a lava lap!

    I really like the splash of orange in your office because it looks so cool against the black. VERY nice combo!

    “I’d be lying, though, if I said I didn’t miss it already. Just a little bit.”

    I miss the snow here as well. The temperatures have been in the 60’s and 70’s lately (UGH!) and no snow forecast in sight. However, we still have Feb, March and April because it can get very cold and snowy those months.

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!


    1. Orange and black IS a nice combination. And I like the softness of the rug juxtaposed against the hard lines of the industrial-themed office.

      Remember: winter isn’t over yet, my friend!


  6. I really like what you’ve done with the space. I too have a tendency to kick my shoes off when at my desk, though I try to remember to put them back on before walking around the rest of the office.

    Have you seen Kevin James in the Confessions of an International Assassin yet? It won’t be winning any awards, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Then again I had set a fairly low bar.


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