See You in 364 Days, Chewbacca

I am so glad it’s May 5th. Not because I have a special affinity for Cinco de Mayo (though, hello nacho bar at work!). It’s just that, if I see one more lame May the 4th be with you post on social media, I am going to scream.

It’s not that I’m anti-Star Wars. I like Yoda as much as the next person. Hell, I once dressed up like C3PO for fun Halloween. (My brother was Darth Vader that year, proving that he was much cooler than me back in the day). But this pun has been so beaten to death, it makes me want to jab a lightsaber in my eye. I chuckled the first time I heard it…but that was three years ago. I haven’t even cracked a smile since.

In case you don’t get it, “May the 4th be with you” is a play on the famous Jedi line, “May the force be with you.” If you don’t know what a Jedi is, clearly your pop culture skills need work. Every May 4th, people take up the rallying cry ad nauseum.

More like, ad nausea.

It started when I arrived at work…


…and was a steady barrage the rest of the day. Every time I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed to see photos of people’s dogs and lunches and find out the color of their aura or which Game of Thrones character they embody most, I was assaulted with May the 4th nonsense. This trivial fluff was getting in the way of really important matters! Because of the clutter, I almost missed the invitation to “like” my friends’ uncle’s cousin’s neighbor’s daughter-in-law’s nail salon page. Close call, people! And I nearly overlooked the hilarious George Takei meme that was sandwiched between a picture of Bad White Police Officers and that Timehop shot of my friend from one year ago (but God loves me, so it’s all good).

timehopMay the 4th is just too stressful these days. May 5th? Much better.

Or should I say mucho better? After all, it’s Cinco de Mayo, and my newsfeed is going crazy with that topic…

And also Bernie Sanders. He’s running for President. Too bad he’s a Socialist. You just know he’s going to take away all our guns and privatize healthcare.

Ooh, a baby picture.

GREAT headline, The Onion.

My buddy from Wisconsin’s sister is holding a Scentsy party and I’m invited!

What am I doing here, still blogging?! Gotta go……………

9 thoughts on “See You in 364 Days, Chewbacca

  1. OMG…………I AGREE! Super annoying! Especially for me, who NEVER liked anything Star Wars related. And um, did you see anything related to Kent State yesterday? I didn’t! What is the world coming to 🙂


    1. Actually, one of my friends DID mention the Kent State anniversary yesterday. She’s a law prof who lived in Ohio for a few years, so I’m not really surprised. It was refreshing to see, at least.


  2. Those drawings on your work board look like medieval knights. Aren’t those swords rather than lightsabers? Explain this.

    I was forced to participate because of my husband, who’d planned for weeks to watch Empire Strikes Back. At least I was given access to copious amounts of wine, so I didn’t mind.


    1. I’ll have to ask the Design team. The white board drawings are all theirs. Trust me, there are some pretty creative cartoons that end up there!

      Copious amounts of alcohol make everything better, Jess. May the Port be with you!


  3. Mark, it wasn’t until I was walking home from work tonight that I even realized it was Cinco de Mayo because of all the festivities going on in the streets. Which means that the city was having one big PAR-TAY!

    And OMG, I love where you work because it seems to be a place that enjoys having a good time while working. Love the work board!

    But agree, “May the force (4th) be with you” is getting SO old!


    1. With the pinata at work, it would have been impossible to forget that today was Cinco de Mayo. Plus, you know, the whole nacho bar and salsa competition thing. We do like to party where I work, that’s for sure!


  4. I am not a fan of guacamole (or any other food else people insist on hiding onions in), but I do love the idea of a progressive tasting. And a salsa competition. Are you entering?

    And thank you for reminding everyone that Cinco de Mayo is not in fact Mexican Independence Day and that aside from Puebla, its mostly just the U.S. who celebrates. We are a weird country.

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