Like Hugh Hefner

University of Washington
Reflecting on the future.

We took a quick trip to Seattle over the weekend – partly to celebrate Tara’s nephew’s 3rd birthday, partly to visit her mom and stepdad, and partly to take my new car for a really long test drive. Sunday morning, we hit the University of Washington (UW, or “U-Dub” to the locals) because Audrey has expressed an interest in going to college there. It’s a beautiful campus, with stunning architecture and scenery. She wasn’t the only enthusiastic one…

If I can just hang on for eight seconds...
If I can just hang on for eight seconds…

We made a brief trip downtown, as well. Zipped through Pike Place Market and grabbed Chinese food to go. I guess the fact that it was Easter weekend explained the hundreds of bunnies roaming the streets…

unnamedThough it does not explain their attire. This trio is dressed conservatively. A few minutes earlier, I ran across a topless bunny and had a brief inkling of what Hugh Hefner’s charmed life must be like.

And they say Portland is weird…

Nothing weird about this little dude, though. His face says it all.

unnamedWe’ll be back for my birthday weekend in sixteen days, though I doubt there will be any bunnies next time.


12 thoughts on “Like Hugh Hefner

  1. You ain’t kidding like Hugh Hefner! Mark, that campus is STUNNING! WOW..what beautiful architecture! And I can see why your daughter is interested in attending there.

    “A few minutes earlier, I ran across a topless bunny and had a brief inkling of what Hugh Hefner’s charmed life must be like.”

    OMG…how funny! We have a nudist bicycle ride parade in Philly each year, in which everyone who participates rides throughout the streets NUDE; wearing only body paint. And I’m actually surprised that Philly allows it because contrary to how open this city thinks it is, it’s very conservative.

    Love your last pic of that little dude! What a great expression on his face!


    1. Hell, I wouldn’t mind going back to college myself if it meant hanging out on such a beautiful campus! Then again, tuition will be bad enough for one. Forget about two!

      Portland, of course, has a naked bike ride every year, as well. No body paint here…people let it all hang out, and when I say “all,” I mean, ALL.

      Good times.


  2. What the heck on those bunnies? Are they being paid by Energizer batteries or is that all they could rustle up?

    Nice campus! I loved going on college visits.


  3. Seattle is where I spent much of my childhood (well Bellevue really). I make frequent trips back as I still have many friends and family scattered throughout the area. Love the U campus, it is beautiful, isn’t it?

    I am planning a trip up soon, spend some time out on Vashon Island with friends and family. Can’t wait.


    1. Once upon a time I wanted to live in Bellevue. I love that whole area – Seattle has a great vibe. I’ve always said if I had to leave Portland, that’s where I’d go. Looking forward to our next trip up there!


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