17 thoughts on “It’s All Font & Games

  1. HA! Loved this post, Mark!!!!

    And as Kathryn above me shared….I especially love you post title. VERY clever you are!

    Great font. Clean, simple, and easy to read. I used to use Verdana on my blog because it seemed the easiest for me to read. However, since switching to Helvetica (which came with my latest blog template) I really, really like it!


    1. Helvetica’s a classic, and you can’t really go wrong with that. Glad you liked the title – I spend an inordinate amount of time pondering titles. Probably too much. Hope you’re staying warm after all that snow on Sunday!


    1. I’m glad you asked. This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for years. Literally. I’ve had it there since early 2010. I’m too cheap to spring for custom fonts, and copying and pasting from MS Word, all the text would default to the particular theme’s default text. I recently discovered a print screen tool where you can selectively choose what you want to copy and paste…perfect! So I used that on the MS Word document. Voila! This post, written years ago (with some new stuff added yesterday), has finally seen the light of day!


  2. Calibri is one of my favorite fonts, followed very closely by Verdana. I also like Comic Sans for my more playful moods. I generally use French Script for my signature when I write something where I need a signature (like on my email return address).


  3. Brilliant!!

    I’m happy that you and Tara have an understanding. That reply made me laugh!!

    I miss Lucinda Calligraphy. I can’t seem to find her anywhere, anymore.


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