9 Things Every Oregon Native Knows To Be True (Video)


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  1. GREAT video clip, Mark!

    My favorite part was about reading one book by Deepak Chopra and now you’re a f**kin expert in alternative spirituality!!!!


  2. Passed through there for few days in mid 80’s. Seems everyone had a vocab of three words . “Howdy” and “You bet !”


  3. My favorite one here–Seattle sucks! I almost laughed out loud as soon as I saw your post title. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


  4. Though, mind you, I don’t think Seattle sucks–only know that you guys think it does!


    • And yet, I am quite fond of Seattle! I would never say it sucks, although in a side-by-side comparison I don’t think it can hold a candle to Portland. I experienced the same sort of thing when I lived in the Bay Area. Everybody in San Jose had a bit of San Francisco envy.


  5. I have a dream catcher! It was made especially for me in my favorite colors with purple feathers & beads! It goes everywhere I move!



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