Our (noun) was (adjective).

I’ve got a dilemma. Our weekend was amazing – chock full of fun and adventure! However, Tara warned me that certain events aren’t suitable to divulge publicly. Not with our parents reading, anyway. So I decided to skirt this barrier by posting a Mad Libs version of our weekend. This way, all of you can play along, and make our weekend as wholesome (or not) as you want. It’ll be fun for all ages! So, without further ado, I give you all…

The Mad Libs Version of Our Weekend

Friday evening, we were (adjective) so we went to a (place) to (verb). Service was (adjective) and the salsa was particularly (adjective). Afterwards, we headed to (place) for a (event) by our favorite band, (name of band). We sat in the candlelit (place) and had a bunch of (alcoholic beverages) while waiting for the (event) to start. They played a great acoustic set, including (name of song), (name of song), and (name of song). They finished with an encore that featured (name of song) and (name of song).

It was late and we were (verb) down the street when Tara saw a (noun) club and pulled into the parking lot. “Do you want to go inside and check out the (nouns) on the (nouns)?” she asked. “Sure,” I replied, and could scarcely believe my (noun). Once inside, music was playing and (nouns) were dancing on a shiny, brass (noun). And then we went to a (adjective) room. “Holy (exclamation of surprise)!” I said. Tara ended up getting a (body part) dance from a (adjective) girl while I (verb, past tense) in disbelief. “Happy early (celebration), dear,” she said on the way out.

The next day we were feeling (adjective) so we went out to breakfast and had bloody (female name, plural). The (food) was (adjective)! Later we (verb) to the Hawthorne District and stopped by a (noun) store in celebration of (Noun) Store Day. Then we (verb, past tense) across the street and browsed through our favorite (noun) store where I picked up a groovy (color) (noun) with (nouns) decorating it, and an awesome lava (noun). We then grabbed a cup of (noun) before stopping by an (foreign country) grocery store to pick up ingredients for (event). The (food) was filled with (food) and we topped it with (food), which we took (place) and cooked. Mmm, it was (adjective)! We then watched (movie) before heading to (place).

Sunday was much more (adjective). We (verb) around the (noun) all day, except for a brief stop at (big box retail store) to buy (noun), (noun), and (noun).

What a (adjective) weekend!

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13 thoughts on “Our (noun) was (adjective).

  1. Mark, what cleverly written post!

    “Holy (exclamation of surprise)!” I said. Tara ended up getting a (body part) dance from a (adjective) girl while I (verb, past tense) in disbelief. “Happy early (celebration), dear,” she said on the way out.”

    Bwhahahahahhaha! OMG, that was HILARIOUS!

    Loved your slide show. What a great shot of that mural on the wall!


    1. There was a mural on the wall and graffiti on the dumpster out front. I found the whole thing representative of yin and yang, balance, harmony, the Universe, etc. Or maybe I was still slightly buzzed from the Bloody Marys earlier in the day…


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