Welcome Back, Barney Miller

I've got a new routine in the morning. Since I'm usually up really early, thanks to my dear wife (who thinks setting the alarm clock before 5 AM is a good idea), I'll grab a cup of coffee and settle down on the couch to watch an old sitcom. By "old sitcom" I mean one … Continue reading Welcome Back, Barney Miller

The One Where Heidi & Ross Tie the Knot

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."  After roasting in the California heat (and what was that strange bright object in the sky, anyway?), truer words were never spoken. We love our gray, wet and cool corner of the country. Having said that, our road trip was a blast. We had a … Continue reading The One Where Heidi & Ross Tie the Knot

All Because a River Flooded…

I was listening to NPR the other day, and they mentioned it was the third anniversary of the disastrous Missouri River flood of 2011. I remember that event well, because not only was I there...but it changed my life. I was tooling along Interstate 29 on a sunny and hot morning in July, en route from Cameron, Missouri to … Continue reading All Because a River Flooded…

The World Needs More Michael Keaton

Saturday night we were looking for a movie to watch from our DVD collection, and decided on Beetlejuice. It had been years since we'd seen it, and who doesn't appreciate a little Harry Belafonte music now and then? But of course, the main draw was Michael Keaton. In my opinion, he is one of the most underrated actors … Continue reading The World Needs More Michael Keaton

Yesterday’s News Today

Last week, I took my car to {INSERT NAME OF NATIONAL CHAIN SPECIALIZING IN OIL CHANGES} for an oil change. After checking me in, the attendant led me to the waiting area, where he instructed me to have a seat and feel free to read a magazine until my name was called. So naturally, I whipped … Continue reading Yesterday’s News Today

It Started With a Watermelon

Tara and I go grocery shopping pretty much every weekend. Usually, it's an uneventful excursion. We pick up pasta and pork and peanuts, buy bananas and butter and bread, add apples and asparagus and artichokes, mix in milk and mayo and mustard, choose cherries and chicken and cheese. And then our cart is full, so we check … Continue reading It Started With a Watermelon