Bachelor Chronicles: Day 5

When I headed out the door for my morning walk at 5:30 today, the temperature was 70º. Yesterday, it was 51º at that hour. Quite a difference, eh? Wednesday I wore long pants and a hoodie, Thursday it was shorts and a t-shirt. It felt like two different seasons within the span of 24 hours. … Continue reading Bachelor Chronicles: Day 5

MegaKota? Mega NO, duh.

Have you heard about the online petition to merge North Dakota and South Dakota into a single state and call it MegaKota? Some guy in Fargo must have been really bored, because he started thinking about how badly he wants Puerto Rico to become a U.S. state, but hates the idea of changing the flag, … Continue reading MegaKota? Mega NO, duh.

Tentucky, Anyone?

I was reading an article the other day about states with the most appealing shapes. This piece declared Montana the winner. I'm a little suspicious though, because the article in question was printed in a Montana newspaper. Conflict of interest much? I have actually given a lot of thought to states' shapes over the years. … Continue reading Tentucky, Anyone?

What’s a “Swinged Cat,” Anyway?!

Like most states, South Dakota has several different nicknames. Most are not surprising. It is called, among other things: The Mount Rushmore State The Coyote State The Sunshine State The Blizzard State The Land of Infinite Variety But one nickname stands out from the pack: South Dakota's most unusual moniker is the Swinged Cat State. … Continue reading What’s a “Swinged Cat,” Anyway?!

A Francisco Clause

The Tape Face show on Friday night turned out to be lots of fun. Well, fun in retrospect, because throughout the performance I was paranoid I was going to be yanked onstage and humiliated, like the poor fella who had to face off with the comedian in a light saber duel involving a limp tape … Continue reading A Francisco Clause

An Ely Good Time

Earlier this summer, I embarked upon a road trip across the country. It was a fantastic journey, filled with sights and sounds and new experiences, and it changed my life. I didn't think I'd ever be able to top it, let alone a mere two months later. But I did. My trip to Ely was … Continue reading An Ely Good Time

Empty Skies and Reflections

If all goes as planned - with technology, you never know - I will be on the road, headed home on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when this post is published. I've had to do a little bit of pre-planning to ensure it happens. Gotta love the scheduled post feature! Here's the deal: I have … Continue reading Empty Skies and Reflections

Surreal Moments in White Pine County

Yesterday I experienced one of the most surreal moments of my life. A few minutes past 7:00, just as the sun was sinking behind the Nevada mountains, I pulled up to the curb outside Tara's house. She was there to greet me, and we hugged each other tight and kissed hello. You have to understand, … Continue reading Surreal Moments in White Pine County

Getting My Griswold On – Day 13: Boise, ID

Miles traveled today: 346.0 Total miles traveled: 5236.0 I Was Expecting Trees I wasn't in any particular hurry to leave Ogden this morning. Not because I was in love with the Utah town, pretty though it may be, but I knew I only had about a 4.5-hour drive to Boise and if I left too … Continue reading Getting My Griswold On – Day 13: Boise, ID