Trial and error and error and error.

Something funny happens when you've been painting seemingly nonstop for 10+ days: you start to look at other paint jobs with a critical eye. Case in point: I was in the men's room at TobacCo yesterday and found myself mentally critiquing the paint job. They did crappy work on the trim, I observed. The brushstrokes … Continue reading Trial and error and error and error.

Painting isn’t rocket science.

When we finally got the keys to our new house and started buying paint and supplies, I said to Tara, "I don't know why some people make a big deal about painting. It isn't rocket science." No, it's not. It's harder. With rocket science, you just have to punch some coordinates into a computer and … Continue reading Painting isn’t rocket science.

Lucky Sevens

It's been an exciting and productive week! Tuesday at noon, we closed on our house. After signing our names and initialing approximately three million documents, we were handed the keys. What an immensely gratifying moment that was! It felt like I had overcome so much to arrive at that point: a short sale, years of … Continue reading Lucky Sevens

Periwinkle is a Moose

Tara was looking at houses on last night (her favorite pastime) and showed me one that caught her fancy. The following conversation ensued. “I love the periwinkle walls!” she said. “WTF is periwinkle?” I asked. “It’s a shade of blue.” “Why not call it blue then?” “Because it’s not quite blue. It’s sort of violet, … Continue reading Periwinkle is a Moose