Green Bean Casserole for the Super Bowl

Twice today, I came across blog posts dissing that timeless American holiday classic, the green bean casserole. One person called it “an abomination” and another gave it a big, fat NOPE. Bolded and italicized, just like that. Oh, the humanity! Clearly, these naysayers and I disagree on the definition of haute cuisine (a French phrase … Continue reading Green Bean Casserole for the Super Bowl

Everything is Everywhere

My mom emailed me a couple of days ago, asking for a recipe—a pumpkin cobbler we make for Thanksgiving most years. I sent it to her but hope she doesn't have trouble with the directions the way I did. One of the ingredients is "three eggs, slightly beaten." That's what throws me for a loop. … Continue reading Everything is Everywhere

The Blind Feeding the Blind

My dad never met a blind taste test he didn’t like. Over the years, we have sampled a wide variety of foods and beverages to figure out which we liked best. We've tried boxed mac 'n cheese, ketchup, canned green beans, and tequila, to name just a few. It’s become a rite of passage, and … Continue reading The Blind Feeding the Blind

A Feast for the Eyes

Last night, after a day staring death in the face from atop a giant ladder (by the way, Tara often accuses me of being overdramatic, but I have no idea why!), I was craving comfort food. Something hearty and satisfying. Life-affirming, if you will. So I whipped up a batch of Southwestern Corn Chowder. It … Continue reading A Feast for the Eyes

Ranch, Dressing

I'll be the first to admit I sometimes come up with crazy ideas. "Harebrained schemes," as the old-timers might say. These have included: Creating a hamburger-hot dog hybrid called a burgerdog. Not ground beef rolled into the shape of a hot dog; these already exist. I want to take things a step further and stuff … Continue reading Ranch, Dressing

One Thing Worse Than Lying

I walked into the bathroom at work this morning and it smelled like delicious breakfast food. I should add that our office shares a wall with a coffee shop/bakery that specializes in waffles and other tasty treats, so that isn't nearly as weird as it sounds. Also, being attached to a coffee shop is a … Continue reading One Thing Worse Than Lying

Existential Meatloaf Crisis

I was chatting with my parents during our usual Sunday phone call yesterday and they asked what we were having for dinner. "Grilled meatloaf," I replied, and launched into this lengthy narrative about how you preheat the grill to 350º, leaving one burner off, and place the meatloaf on a sheet of aluminum foil over … Continue reading Existential Meatloaf Crisis

Bachelor Chronicles: Day 4

My boss officially reopened the office today. Not that we ever actually closed down; it just means that the holdouts still working from home had to start coming in again. I'm glad I made the decision to transition back on my own a month ago, because having to wear pants again is like ripping off … Continue reading Bachelor Chronicles: Day 4