The Chipmunks Sound Like Barry White

Last Friday, as soon as I got to work I realized that I had forgotten my phone at home. My reaction was completely reasonable under the circumstances. I flat-out panicked. I might add that "under the circumstances" doesn't refer to any particularly compelling need for a phone that day. There was no impending crisis, and … Continue reading The Chipmunks Sound Like Barry White

Short Stories

It amazes me how much corporate dress codes have evolved over the years. Fresh out of college, my first "real" job required business attire. Slacks, dress shoes, long-sleeved collared shirts and ties. It's hard to believe I got dressed up like that every day for years. Even when I moved to Portland in late 1994 … Continue reading Short Stories

Our (noun) was (adjective).

I've got a dilemma. Our weekend was amazing - chock full of fun and adventure! However, Tara warned me that certain events aren't suitable to divulge publicly. Not with our parents reading, anyway. So I decided to skirt this barrier by posting a Mad Libs version of our weekend. This way, all of you can … Continue reading Our (noun) was (adjective).

Spaghetti Shirts

We celebrated Audrey's birthday a few days ago, and she requested spaghetti for dinner. So that morning, when getting dressed, I made sure to wear a "spaghetti shirt." When I mentioned this to Tara, she looked at me blankly. "A spaghetti shirt?" "That's right. It's a shirt that is at least partially red. That way, … Continue reading Spaghetti Shirts

5 Rules for Peaceful Cohabitation

One year ago today, I woke up to a living room that looked like this: Fortunately, it's considerably less cluttered today: Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Tara moving in. We were well aware of the date, and periodically throughout the day would recall where we were and what we were doing one year earlier. … Continue reading 5 Rules for Peaceful Cohabitation

Tempting Fate With a Fork

On Monday, Tara came down with a cold. In retrospect, that's not too surprising. Saturday, we spent several hours in a house chock full of little kids. I don't even know how many there were. Eight? Ten? 100? It was a joint birthday party for Tara's nephew and another kid, and turned out to be … Continue reading Tempting Fate With a Fork

Could Be a Fortune Cookie

Do you want to hear something ironic? My freelance writing career is booming these days - a recent development, one that did not occur until after I found a "real" job that I love. And, just like when I was hired here, I wasn't even pursuing new work. They came to me. Universe, you amuse … Continue reading Could Be a Fortune Cookie