Moving On

This blog has been around a long time now. Over eight years, to be exact. It’s been a constant companion through many ups and downs in my life and is chock full of memories. Some good, some bad. I am… Read More ›

About Me

I first dreamed of becoming a writer at the age of 13. On a whim, I entered a short story contest sponsored by my local library…and won first place.

In the ensuing years, I wrote a lot. Several manuscripts, one of which I turned into a published novel. I discovered blogging. Got a part-time job doing doing book reviews. Taught myself SEO and began landing freelance gigs. In 2012, a medical consulting company hired me as their first ever Content Specialist, and I was finally able to call myself a professional writer. It’s very gratifying to get paid for doing what you love.

I have called the Pacific Northwest home since 1994, but change is in the air. My wife and I are relocating to Rapid City, South Dakota in the summer of 2018. Fortunately, in this day and age, writing is something that can be done anywhere.

Please feel free to visit often. I like to think of my site as a sort of virtual one-stop shopping experience! My blog is here, and would love a few new followers. I’ve also created a Fiction page devoted to my novels and short stories. And if you need help with a writing or editing project, I am always accepting new clients. No job is too small (or too big!). Check out my services and drop me a line if you’d like a quote.

Thank you for stopping by!



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