Real (non-plastic) flamingos and a pretzel the size of my head.

Check out this photo of me and my parents. We'd just finished up an excellent lunch and wine tasting at Stable Rock Winery & Distillery in Jefferson last Friday and had half a day of exploration left. Looks perfectly innocent, right? Approximately 60 seconds after Tara took this pic, I stepped off a curb because … Continue reading Real (non-plastic) flamingos and a pretzel the size of my head.

Six-Pack of Giant Spiders

If you were reading me over the holidays last year, you probably recall a friendly little competition with Kelly, the overzealous neighbor across the street. She took so much pleasure in taunting me with her holiday display I started referring to her as Christmas Light Kelly. Gauntlets were thrown as we each tried to out-illuminate … Continue reading Six-Pack of Giant Spiders

All Flamingos are Pink

When we were working in the yard last weekend, I asked Tara if she'd be opposed to adding plastic pink flamingos to our landscaping. As soon as those words left my mouth, I realized how absurd they sounded. Not because I have anything against plastic pink flamingos; their kitsch factor appeals to me in the … Continue reading All Flamingos are Pink