What’s the Benefit of Pigs?

As a writer, I frequently interview people. My methods have evolved over the years, but my goal remains simple: transferring their words as efficiently as possible into a story/article/press release/whatever. For a couple of years, I dragged along a laptop. I'd ask questions and feverishly type away as they answered. This was great, as it … Continue reading What’s the Benefit of Pigs?

Are You Gettin’ It? Armageddon It.

Last Wednesday, I drove the company vehicle to the Pine Ridge reservation to interview a high school student for our annual report. I'm working on a series of stories focusing on how individuals and businesses in rural South Dakota weathered the pandemic (hence all my recent business travel). She was a junior at Lakota Tech … Continue reading Are You Gettin’ It? Armageddon It.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Plagiarism

I think I need to lawyer up. Because six years ago, I came up with this amazing idea: Drumstick Bites. I wrote that the last bite of a Drumstick ice cream cone, with that solid chunk of chocolate, was the best part of the whole thing, so I wanted to sell packages of Drumstick Bites … Continue reading I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Plagiarism

The Astronaut Button

So, This is What It Feels Like To Be An Astronaut... I discovered a nifty button that turns my Hyundai into a zippy little rocket. My driving experience hasn't been the same since. I've been very happy since buying the Kona last September, don't get me wrong. But it's always lacked oomph. At least compared … Continue reading The Astronaut Button

Serial and Milk(ing it)

Writers love playing the “what-if?” game. It’s how we get our best ideas. Many years ago, I read a series of articles in The Oregonian about the growing problem of eco-terrorism in the western states. One line in particular grabbed me: the reporter wrote, “It’s a miracle nobody has been killed.” So, I thought, what … Continue reading Serial and Milk(ing it)

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

When most people think of South Dakota, I'd venture to guess they picture lots of cows and cornfields. Which isn't exactly inaccurate. But did you know we rank as the #2 honey-producing state in the U.S.? That fact doesn't receive nearly as much buzz. 'Tis true, though. And explains why the honeybee is our official … Continue reading Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

‘Yak Tracks

After the longest week in the history of man, Saturday morning rolled around. Tara and I were up bright and early. Our destination? Pactola Lake. We'd been looking forward to trying out our new kayaks ever since hauling them back 300 miles from North Dakota. The day dawned clear and warm. It was perfect weather … Continue reading ‘Yak Tracks