Appled Out

I learned yesterday that one of my coworkers is allergic to apples. Apples! Kind of an odd allergy. And, he lives in Washington state. That's kind of like a Georgian being allergic to peaches. Or an Alaskan being allergic to snow. Or a Mississippian being allergic to Confederate flags or bibles or guns. In other … Continue reading Appled Out

You, Me and Fido Makes Three

Yesterday, we ventured into Portland despite the threat of a big windstorm. We were craving a quintessential Portland Saturday, which meant we had to start out the day waiting in line more than an hour for brunch. On purpose. Because that's what goes down in the Rose City on weekends. Portlandia devoted an entire episode to … Continue reading You, Me and Fido Makes Three

Bribery By Wasabi

I was chatting with a coworker recently, and he started singing an old commercial jingle. If I had a dime for every time that happened, I'd have... Right. Ten whole cents. Point being, it was an odd topic of conversation. Regardless, it brought back a flood of memories. Remember this product? It was 1991. I … Continue reading Bribery By Wasabi

Gotta Love Russian Flight Attendants

I realized the other day that I'll have some serious explaining to do if my laptop is ever confiscated. Take my recent Google search for teenage boys in dresses. That one would probably raise a few eyebrows, though - of course - it's completely innocent. I was searching for a suitable image of Rusty's homecoming outfit. A few … Continue reading Gotta Love Russian Flight Attendants

Carpet Diem

Portland has a reputation for weirdness. It's something we embrace - and want you to, as well. We even advertise it on our buildings. And if you think our unofficial city motto is just meant to be cute, well.... Let's just say it's legit. Nowhere is this more obvious than at PDX, our international airport. … Continue reading Carpet Diem