Irregardless Ain’t a Word*

I heard a coworker this morning use "irregardless" in a sentence. As in, "it'll happen irregardless of the situation." This made me cringe inside. Irregardless ain't a word...and this was the third time in two days I'd heard it used. Come on, people! After all, like Bush and Cheney, it's a double negative. The prefix ("ir-") and … Continue reading Irregardless Ain’t a Word*

The Night Wolfgang Puck Cooked Me Dinner

When I was unpacking the other day, I came across an object that serves as a physical symbol representing the moment I became a quote/unquote "foodie." It's a glass ashtray from the original Spago, Wolfgang Puck's iconic first restaurant. How it ended up in my possession is an interesting story. OK, fine. I stole it, if … Continue reading The Night Wolfgang Puck Cooked Me Dinner

A Kerfuffle of Epic Proportions

Tara and Audrey were having a conversation the other evening, and you would have thought my wife was speaking a foreign language, so alien was her speech to my daughter. She was recounting her day, and talking about how she got into a kerfuffle with one of her coworkers. When Audrey heard that, her brow … Continue reading A Kerfuffle of Epic Proportions

Million Dollar Meal, Baby

Last night we had dinner with Hilary Swank. OK, the Oscar-winning actress didn't show up at Portland's top-rated restaurant Beast to dine with us specifically, but we were seated at the same communal table. She was there with her father and other family members, who apparently have connections with the local area. Hilary lived in Bellingham … Continue reading Million Dollar Meal, Baby

Even Bandleaders Get The Blues

Tara and I had a debate over bandleaders the other day. We had just gotten back home after watching American Hustle. There's a song in the movie by Duke Ellington called "Jeep's Blues," and a scene in which Christian Bales' and Amy Adams' characters commiserate over the great musician's still recent (at that time) death. The song … Continue reading Even Bandleaders Get The Blues