Circus Monkey With Guitar

Occasionally I like to check out the stats for my blog. No big surprise; most of us do that from time to time. I especially enjoy looking at the search terms - the words and phrases people have typed in to Google (or their search engine of choice) that ended up directing them to my … Continue reading Circus Monkey With Guitar

Mother of all Encores

Tara and I have been to a lot of concerts over the past year, but I am convinced that few moments can rival that which we experienced Friday evening. There we were, on the lawn of the horribly-named Sleep Country Amphitheater (I know corporate sponsorship is all the rage, but really?!), a nearly full moon … Continue reading Mother of all Encores

Pedaling Past Zombies

I watch a lot of zombie movies, and am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. But there's one glaring oversight in every single zombie movie and TV show that bugs me to no end. The characters spend an inordinate amount of time trying to escape zombies in cars and trucks. Automobiles are great, except for … Continue reading Pedaling Past Zombies

Why I’m Here (Not Philosophically Speaking)

Saturday night, Tara and I met up with a friend from Seattle for drinks at our favorite Portland hangout, Interurban. They had dinner reservations elsewhere, so she and I headed down the street to a restaurant that specialized in Southern food (think hush puppies and collard greens). Good stuff. Then, when we were walking back … Continue reading Why I’m Here (Not Philosophically Speaking)

Where Do I Park My Flying Car?

Twenty-six years to the day I graduated from high school, I found myself seated on aluminum bleachers in a covered stadium, drenching rain giving way to scattered clouds and a gorgeous sunset poking through stands of Douglas fir trees. And then "Pomp & Circumstance" began playing, and history repeated itself. Last night, Rusty graduated from high … Continue reading Where Do I Park My Flying Car?

“We’re Running Errands”

When you have kids, sometimes you just don't want them tagging along with you. After I was divorced, I learned very quickly that grocery shopping with a couple of young charges required more patience than I possessed. They viewed the grocery store as one giant playground, and thought nothing of playing a spirited game of … Continue reading “We’re Running Errands”

Mirror Lake

Yesterday we set out on our first hike of the season: a 3.2-mile roundtrip jaunt to Mirror Lake. It's a relatively easy hike despite a bunch of switchbacks; the elevation gain is 700'. The reward? A spectacular view of snow-covered Mount Hood looming over the lake, its reflection a reminder of how this beautiful lake … Continue reading Mirror Lake

Maid To Order

The other day, we did something that has sort of been a lifelong dream of mine. Tara and I hired a maid. Or, to be precise, a housekeeper-who-comes-in-once-a-month-to-clean. But it's still pretty cool. For years, I've wanted a maid. I always envisioned her as a cross between Alice on The Brady Bunch and Mrs. Garrett (who was … Continue reading Maid To Order

Jumping To Conclusions

My boss was on a roll this morning. Sometimes, he likes to play music in his office. Loudly. This is our fault, since we banded together last Christmas to buy him some kick-ass speakers for his computer. Obviously, he likes them. Call it the gift that keeps on giving. Not that I mind. I love … Continue reading Jumping To Conclusions