Nevada’s a Trapezoid But We Aren’t Square

It's been an exciting few days. Aside from missing out on scoring an awesome piece of art - yes, I'm still fixated on the dogs playing poker tapestry! - plenty of groovy stuff has happened. The biggest piece of news is that my wonderful girlfriend is moving in with me. That's right. Tara and I … Continue reading Nevada’s a Trapezoid But We Aren’t Square

Dogs Playing Poker Doesn’t Qualify as Art?!

Friday afternoon, I was wandering around one of my favorite areas of Portland - the Hawthorne District. It's fun, funky and cool. The people watching alone makes it a worthy destination! There's a place there called House Of Vintage where I love to browse. It's a cavernous store full of vintage (or retro, or antique) … Continue reading Dogs Playing Poker Doesn’t Qualify as Art?!

Peaches for Tebow. Let’s Get This Done.

It's been an amazing couple of weeks if you're an NFL fan. Especially if you're a Denver Broncos fan. And this is only the offseason. First came Manningwatch 2012. I haven't seen the media this obsessed with somebody's every move since a certain white Ford Bronco sped down a certain Los Angeles freeway lo these many years … Continue reading Peaches for Tebow. Let’s Get This Done.

I Wonder What The Sky Looks Like

The condo complex in which I reside is in the midst of a makeover. The HOA sued the builder for faulty construction and won, a lawsuit that unnerved me as I wondered what "faulty construction" meant, exactly. Apparently it's nothing major - just the windows, siding and roofs. Whew! As part of the settlement, they … Continue reading I Wonder What The Sky Looks Like

Walmart Therapy: I’d Rather Deal With Terrorists

While reading the newspaper yesterday, I came across a rather disturbing article. The Pentagon is turning to "Walmart therapy" to treat soldiers affected with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD is an anxiety disorder that occurs in people who experience traumatic events that involve the threat of injury or death. Like natural disasters, accidents, and … Continue reading Walmart Therapy: I’d Rather Deal With Terrorists

Tag Teaming, Ely Style

Dear Readers, You've chuckled over her comments. You were dazzled by her guest post when I was in the hospital. So, as a special treat, I thought I would team up with the girl who stole my heart for a post while we are together this weekend. That's right: it's the one...the only...TARA!! Or maybe I'm … Continue reading Tag Teaming, Ely Style

May This Passion Never Fade

So, I'm in Ely again. Surprised? I blame it all on my girlfriend. She's too damn irresistible. When we parted ways after her last visit, we weren't sure when we'd see each other again. For once, we didn't have any future visits planned - only because Tara is focused on moving out here there ASAP. … Continue reading May This Passion Never Fade

But Have You Poached Geoduck?

A few months ago, I tried geoduck for the first time. Prior to that, I christened "but have you tried geoduck?" as my personal catchphrase. You might say I've got a weird relationship with this funny-looking bivalve. Apparently, I am not alone. A recent article - read it here - talks about how illegal harvesting … Continue reading But Have You Poached Geoduck?

Flannel, Peace and Hunger

With yesterday being Leap Day - a once-every-four-years event - I wanted to do something special. February 29th is rare, and it practically screamed for something unique and fun. Adventurous, even. I contemplated various ideas in my head, but quickly dismissed most of them, as they fell a little short of what I was aiming … Continue reading Flannel, Peace and Hunger