Still horn-y after all these years.

Friday evening was wild. Actually, the whole day felt heavy with anticipation. Like things were going to happen. Sure enough... It began when I stepped onto the front porch at 5:30 for my morning walk. The air was pungent with the earthy aroma of rain. Which was odd, given that there wasn't a cloud in … Continue reading Still horn-y after all these years.

And they call Chicago the windy city…

I attended an offsite luncheon presentation this afternoon. The speaker was from Tucson, Arizona, and this was his first visit to Rapid City. The first thing he said to the audience: “What is up with the wind around here?!” Apparently, it rattled his hotel room windows all night long. So much so, that he got … Continue reading And they call Chicago the windy city…

Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

That’s a tomorrow problem.Swinged CatFeb. 1, 2022 The problem with tomorrow problems is, tomorrow they turn into today problems. Which is why it was especially hard to crawl out of bed on Tuesday morning after a long weekend. We traded in a cozy basement with movies, wine, and a fire in the hearth for this. … Continue reading Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Seven Prompts and a Whopper of a Sunset

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a winter hike. It might look cold, but the temperature was actually about 50º. Little Elk Creek has become one of our favorite go-to hikes because the trail is mostly level with a gradual incline and the canyon is sheltered from the wind. It was a little slippery due … Continue reading Seven Prompts and a Whopper of a Sunset

21 Reasons Why ’21 Didn’t Suck

When I woke up this morning, it was snowing and 5º. I lounged in my recliner, sipping a cup of coffee, watching the snow pile up as the temperature dropped. It was down to zero when Tara left shortly before 8 a.m. I felt bad that she had to work and was grateful that I … Continue reading 21 Reasons Why ’21 Didn’t Suck

You’ll Have to Pry This Cookie Gun From My Cold, Dead, Flour-Dusted Hands

At one point on Sunday afternoon, I was gathering and stacking wood while Tara was in the kitchen baking. Then I went downstairs to watch football while she busied herself doing laundry. Rarely have our gender roles been so clearly—and, it must be said, stereotypically—defined. It's not always like that. Honestly, it's rarely like that. … Continue reading You’ll Have to Pry This Cookie Gun From My Cold, Dead, Flour-Dusted Hands

Fat Squirrels Forecast Falling Snow

I have a feeling this is going to be a cold winter. Sure, there’s a La Niña, which historically means a higher likelihood of colder weather for the northern plains. But I’m not basing this on any official predictions, whether the source is reputable (NOAA) or not (Farmer’s Almanac). I’m just looking at the squirrels … Continue reading Fat Squirrels Forecast Falling Snow

Everything is Everywhere

My mom emailed me a couple of days ago, asking for a recipe—a pumpkin cobbler we make for Thanksgiving most years. I sent it to her but hope she doesn't have trouble with the directions the way I did. One of the ingredients is "three eggs, slightly beaten." That's what throws me for a loop. … Continue reading Everything is Everywhere

I’d Rather Avoid a 50,000º Sunburn

I've come to the conclusion that I need to better respect lightning. NING, not ING. I already have a healthy respect for lighting (as evidenced by our extensive collection of lava lamps and other sources of illumination, such as candles and flashlights and neon beer signs). It chases away the shadows and helps prevent me … Continue reading I’d Rather Avoid a 50,000º Sunburn

Great Scott! Where’d All the Cold Air Go?

We were playing cards in the basement last night, classic rock spinning on the turntable, enjoying some gin (me) and ciders (her), when Tara made an observation. "It's not very cold down here," she said. I hadn't noticed, but as soon as those words left her mouth, I realized she was right. The basement is … Continue reading Great Scott! Where’d All the Cold Air Go?