There’s Gnome Place Like Home

Hard to believe there's just one week left in January, huh? February may not have much going for it, unless you're into groundhogs or candy hearts. It's also Girl Scout Cookie season, so at least we have Thin Mints to look forward to. Like everybody else on the planet, I got sucked into all the … Continue reading There’s Gnome Place Like Home

Vince Vaughn’s A Dork & I’m Impatient

Ever since I wrote that writers write and starting writing again, everything has been going write! Err...right. (Even I'm confused by that sentence). But it's true! My luck definitely seems to be changing. About a month ago, I got an e-mail from my former employer. It was simple and intriguing. Hey, Mark - we have … Continue reading Vince Vaughn’s A Dork & I’m Impatient