I Pray There is No Future

Four years ago - almost exactly to the day - I lost my job. I hate that phrase, though. It's not like I was walking along one day and suddenly misplaced it. "Hey! Where'd my job go?! It was right here a second ago, I swear!" More like, my position was eliminated. Out from under me. With … Continue reading I Pray There is No Future

I Killed The Elephant

20 months. 330 positions applied for. 19 interviews with 15 different companies. The statistics are staggering - and depressing. When I walked out the front door of my last employer on October 22, 2010 I never dreamed my unemployment stint would last so long. What was novel and actually sort of fun in the beginning … Continue reading I Killed The Elephant

Something Doesn’t Add Up Here

Back in November, right after I started collecting unemployment, the state of Washington told me I had to go down to the local Work Source office and sit around a room for a couple of hours with other jobless people as part of an orientation. I said, at the time, that there's nothing more depressing … Continue reading Something Doesn’t Add Up Here

Money And Benefits? Eww.

I've put up a bunch of posts the past week, but haven't really talked about anything. I could say I was busy playing with the various post formats, and sharing photos of volcanoes and British socialites, and recounting anecdotes about alcoholic beverages. All those things are true, but I also think I've been studiously avoiding … Continue reading Money And Benefits? Eww.

Clarifying My Words

Saturday, I had my parents over for dinner. In an ode to my Hawaiian roots, I cooked up an island-inspired feast of kalua pork and chicken long rice. I even whipped up Mai Tai's to wash everything down with, and fired up my "Aloha Mix" on the iPod. I'm nothing if not detail oriented (although, … Continue reading Clarifying My Words

Champagne Wishes on a Sparkling Water Budget

With my finances suddenly dwindling, I've found myself cutting more corners lately. Gone are the extravagant weekly steak and lobster dinners. I no longer take the Maserati through the car wash, I scrub it with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge myself. Worst of all, I had to fire the maid (although really, … Continue reading Champagne Wishes on a Sparkling Water Budget

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I broke up with somebody this morning. We hadn't been together long - just a couple of months - and I suppose our relationship was like so many others. It burned with a white-hot intensity and passion at first, but the novelty wore off quickly. Our 7 encounters a week dwindled to 4, and before … Continue reading Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Please Don’t Buy Me a Star

Last year, I subscribed to Groupon because I'd heard people talking about the really good deals you could find on there. I have to admit, there are some real bargains; I've purchased a couple of restaurant Groupons myself. But there are some real head-scratchers, too. Take yesterday's Daily Deal for Portland: for $29 you can … Continue reading Please Don’t Buy Me a Star

The Universe Has a #$%! Sense of Humor

Eventually, it was bound to happen: I found myself on a job interview yesterday. First one since I joined the ranks of the unemployed a little over three months ago. I initially had mixed feelings over the whole thing. The opportunity sounded fantastic - a copywriting position with a local company close to home. There … Continue reading The Universe Has a #$%! Sense of Humor

Everybody Needs McLovin

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I found myself alone on New Year's Eve. And while being alone doesn't bother me - I actually ended a relationship last year because I didn't get any sort of alone time whatsoever and that drove me to the brink of insanity (and, okay, also because I was in … Continue reading Everybody Needs McLovin