Home, Sleet Home

I woke up this morning, rolled over, and tapped Tara on the shoulder. "Hey," I said. "Wanna buy a house today?" Turns out she was game. Two hours later, we were chatting with Justin the Realtor in our about-to-be-new-home for the final walk-through. Just one month and two days after our offer was accepted. It's … Continue reading Home, Sleet Home

Less Than Zero

If anybody still doubts I'm living in a COVID bubble out here, Saturday morning I worked a shift in our company booth at the Kids' Carnival in downtown Rapid City, along with Chris and Meghan. Just the fact that we even had a Kids' Carnival is kind of amazing. It was an elaborate affair with … Continue reading Less Than Zero

An Umbrella Reversal

I have famously gone on record as being anti-umbrella. Living in the Pacific Northwest, using an umbrella is frowned upon by the locals. It's just not "cool." One of the surest ways Portlanders can identify people from out of town is when they're walking in the rain carrying an umbrella. We even have a term … Continue reading An Umbrella Reversal

Keep Me Free From Birth

I'm walking through the cramped aisles of the used record store, shuffling through vinyl, searching for albums to add to my collection. George Harrison and Neil Young and Blondie are already tucked under my arm, awaiting their spins on my turntable, as I seek out additional treasures. It is a perfectly Portland Saturday afternoon, and … Continue reading Keep Me Free From Birth

I Blessed the Banjo Player

It had been a while since Tara and I had gone to a live music performance. Almost three months, to be exact, and considering we saw four concerts during a one-month span after she moved here, the drought seemed especially long. So when we saw that one of our favorite bands, The Moondoggies, were playing … Continue reading I Blessed the Banjo Player