My Kingdom for a Potato Masher!

When we were packing up all our worldly possessions back in August, we were trying to be strategic about which items we might need, and which could remain in storage for six months or so. We knew moving from a three-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment meant space would be limited, and we didn't want … Continue reading My Kingdom for a Potato Masher!

Fort-unately, time machines don’t exist.

Soooo. What's new? (Seriously. I haven't had a spare moment to read blogs in about 10 days. I'll catch up soon, I promise.) When I last wrote, it was the morning after we arrived in Wisconsin. Everything felt very strange and overwhelming. I did not mention how I'd tossed and turned for hours on Wednesday … Continue reading Fort-unately, time machines don’t exist.

We are officially Sconnies!

At 3:19 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31, we officially became Sconnies. Or Wisconsonites, if you prefer, but Sconnies has a fun ring to it. And that's what Jess and Joe, our friends in La Crosse, call themselves. Sconnies it is! Up until Sunday, this move had gone amazingly well. How many people get a job, … Continue reading We are officially Sconnies!

(How to) Manifest Destiny

Good hell. You guys and this move are like some cosmic anomaly. Ashley Johnson My friend Ashley isn't wrong. Call it fate, or karma, or extremely good luck, but for whatever reason, everything has been going pretty smoothly with this move so far. I'd knock on wood, but it's all been boxed up. Case in … Continue reading (How to) Manifest Destiny

Give me a home where no buffalo roam.

Now that we're packing up all our worldly possessions, we're running across things we no longer need or use. Case in point: I found a check register from 2010. If you're a certain age, you might not even know what a check register is. For the uninitiated (I'm looking at you, Millennials!), it is/was a … Continue reading Give me a home where no buffalo roam.

Flamingos, fireflies, and mosquitoes, oh my!

"I feel like a dog that's been chasing after a car and finally caught it. Now what?!" Tara Petruska Man, I get that sentiment. I've been so hyper-focused on finding a job — the kindling to get this fire started — that after the initial wave of jubilation faded, reality set in. Namely, we don't … Continue reading Flamingos, fireflies, and mosquitoes, oh my!

Letting the cow out of the bag.

I’ve been keeping a little secret, but it’s time to let the cow out of the bag. I was in Madison, Wisconsin again last week. Just me; Tara stayed home. I left on Saturday morning, driving to Sibley, Iowa, where I spent the night. It was a charming little town. Quintessential Midwest. I chose Sibley … Continue reading Letting the cow out of the bag.

Lucky Sevens

It's been an exciting and productive week! Tuesday at noon, we closed on our house. After signing our names and initialing approximately three million documents, we were handed the keys. What an immensely gratifying moment that was! It felt like I had overcome so much to arrive at that point: a short sale, years of … Continue reading Lucky Sevens

Forced Creativity

I apologize for not updating sooner. I'd planned to, but there was a snafu with the cable company - totally my fault, as I scheduled the appointment for Pacific time instead of Mountain time - so when they showed up to install our cable/internet, Tara and I were actually kicking back at Buffalo Wild Wings … Continue reading Forced Creativity

1,250 Miles in the Slow Lane – Pt. 3: Rapid City, SD

Honey...I'm home! Funny concept, home. Most people have a hometown, or at the very least a place they associate with growing up. Being an Air Force brat, I never had that. Home truly was wherever I hung my hat. Honolulu was home three different times. Dayton was home. Vancouver, WA was home for what I … Continue reading 1,250 Miles in the Slow Lane – Pt. 3: Rapid City, SD