The Astronaut Button

So, This is What It Feels Like To Be An Astronaut... I discovered a nifty button that turns my Hyundai into a zippy little rocket. My driving experience hasn't been the same since. I've been very happy since buying the Kona last September, don't get me wrong. But it's always lacked oomph. At least compared … Continue reading The Astronaut Button

Here’s the Chum…Where’s the Shark?

I bought a new car yesterday. Primarily via text. It's a wonderful time to be alive! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was ready to take the plunge and buy a car, now that the taxman had cometh and taxeth. I assumed the local Hyundai dealer would be jumping through hoops for my … Continue reading Here’s the Chum…Where’s the Shark?

Uncle Sam’s a (Insert Expletive)

We finally got our taxes done. Three months late, but really, one day early given the extended deadline. It's not that we were procrastinating; we were simply holding off on this dreaded task for as long as possible. OK, fine. We were procrastinating. And by "we" I mean Tara. As with the boat, she is … Continue reading Uncle Sam’s a (Insert Expletive)

My Car’s as Old as Woody Allen

A few days ago, the "check engine" light came on in my car. Most people dread when this happens. Me? I'm secretly delighted. Don't get me wrong. I love my car, and don't want anything to be wrong with it. But it's also 11 years old now, which is like 77 in people years. Right? Isn't that … Continue reading My Car’s as Old as Woody Allen

My Doppelganger Drives a Mercedes

Last year, I found my doppelganger. On a lark, I had typed my not-exactly-common name into the search box on Facebook. I was curious to see if there were other Mark Petruskas out there in the world, and if so, what they were like. To my surprise, there were several of us. Enough, as a … Continue reading My Doppelganger Drives a Mercedes