Obsessing Over 250

I'm the most obsessive person I know. This is good when it comes to health and fitness. Need to lose weight, get into shape, beat diabetes? Piece of cake. (Or no cake, more to the point.) But this obsessiveness is less endearing when it comes to my Fitbit. Tara got me one last September on our … Continue reading Obsessing Over 250

Poster Child

One of the most beautiful words in the English language has got to be remission - not because of the way it rolls off the tongue, but rather, for all it implies. re·mis·sion rəˈmiSH(ə)n/ A diminution of the seriousness or intensity of disease or pain; a temporary recovery. It is most often used in discussions involving … Continue reading Poster Child

I’m Dying from 2 Rare Diseases

A while back, I mentioned how writing medical articles on a daily basis was making me pretty knowledgeable in terms of illnesses and diseases. I joked that I felt like I was just a stethoscope away from being a bona fide doctor. It's true. In the past week several friends on Facebook posted about sick … Continue reading I’m Dying from 2 Rare Diseases

Playing Doctor

If there’s one interesting thing about working as a copywriter for a medical company, it is this: my knowledge of certain medical conditions is growing by leaps and bounds. A couple of weeks ago, I barely knew a sneeze from a sniffle. Now, I can discuss otalgia until the cows come home, and hold my … Continue reading Playing Doctor

Dolphins Make Me Happy

When Tara first moved in, she said, “I miss working out. We should join a gym once we’re both working again.” “Great idea, dear!” I declared enthusiastically. Mainly because this seemed like a distant threat at the time. Someday the sun will implode and humanity will perish too, but I don’t sit around worrying about … Continue reading Dolphins Make Me Happy

Walmart Therapy: I’d Rather Deal With Terrorists

While reading the newspaper yesterday, I came across a rather disturbing article. The Pentagon is turning to "Walmart therapy" to treat soldiers affected with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD is an anxiety disorder that occurs in people who experience traumatic events that involve the threat of injury or death. Like natural disasters, accidents, and … Continue reading Walmart Therapy: I’d Rather Deal With Terrorists

Apple Juice With a Bacon Swizzle Stick

I miss apple juice. Or maybe it's the idea of apple juice I miss. I just had a cup last week in the hospital. It was the first beverage I drank that actually had flavor following my surgery. After days of being hooked up to an IV and subsisting on nothing more than ice water, it … Continue reading Apple Juice With a Bacon Swizzle Stick