Zucchini can survive the apocalypse, so what’s a little hail?

I had a woman travel all the way from Nevada just to meet me this morning. The funny thing is, this isn’t the first time in my life that has happened. Hello, wife o’ mine! But it is the first time somebody has done so for professional reasons. And I may be playing fast and … Continue reading Zucchini can survive the apocalypse, so what’s a little hail?

Our tomatoes survived the big chill better than Kevin Costner.

It's been cold here. So cold, we had record lows the past two nights. At one point Saturday, my wipers were beating furiously to keep snow from accumulating on my windshield. Believe it or not, snow in May isn't all that unusual here. Most years, we at least get a dusting. But usually at the … Continue reading Our tomatoes survived the big chill better than Kevin Costner.

Farewell Voyage of the S.S. No Name

It's been quite a productive weekend so far! With sunshine and temperatures in the 60s, Tara's been busy in the garden. First, she built a row cover for her raised beds. This is to protect them from the cold. We've probably seen our last freezing temperature of the season, but they're forecasting lows in the … Continue reading Farewell Voyage of the S.S. No Name

You can ring my dinner bell.

A couple of months ago, Tara got involved in online estate auctions. She'd bid on vintage items like swag lamps and wicker mirrors. The idea is to buy them cheap, clean them up, then turn around and sell them for a profit. She even considered renting space at St. Joe Antiques Mall, but there's a … Continue reading You can ring my dinner bell.

Sprout, Sprout, Let it All Out

While staring out the window yesterday, watching the snow piling up, I said to Tara, super excitedly, "Looks like it'll be enough to bust out the snow blower!" It was. And this morning, I did. But then I couldn't help thinking, what is so exciting about using a snow blower?! It's big and bulky and … Continue reading Sprout, Sprout, Let it All Out

I Suck at Relaxing

Saturday, I had an epiphany: I suck at relaxing. After shopping for groceries, mowing the lawn, and spending over an hour plucking weeds from the ground in 90-degree heat I wandered into the backyard, sweaty and sore, and found Tara kicking back on a zero-gravity lounger in the shade of our ash tree, Kindle in … Continue reading I Suck at Relaxing

Dandelions: 1, Mark: 0

Bye-Bye, Arrows I went grocery shopping yesterday without a mask for the first time in over a year. It was both liberating and weird. Funny how something so unnatural becomes the new norm. About half the shoppers were still masked up. I trust the CDC and have been following their guidelines all along, so I … Continue reading Dandelions: 1, Mark: 0

The Happiness Project

Five years ago, on my birthday, Tara gave me a little blue journal called The Happiness Project. It's based on a self-help book by Gretchen Rubin, in which the author dedicated a year of her life to focusing on things that truly matter...and as a result, finding happiness. The book was wildly popular and spawned … Continue reading The Happiness Project

I Joined the Fleet Farm Cult

Tara and I recently discovered the awesomeness that is Fleet Farm. Prior to moving out here, we'd never heard of the store before. It's one of those Midwest chains, like Menards and Culver's, that people in other parts of the country are oblivious to. I bet few people around here are familiar with Fred Meyer … Continue reading I Joined the Fleet Farm Cult

Ay, Oh, Way to Go

It was 70º yesterday. Sure felt a lot like spring, but I'd be a fool to believe we've turned the corner on a new season. One glance at the forecast reveals the truth. That's how we transition to spring around here. In fits and starts. You get a little taste of it and then the … Continue reading Ay, Oh, Way to Go