Turtles, lizards, and tadpoles in the rain.

One of the things we like best about our new neighborhood is the walkability. From the apartment, it's a short 25-minute stroll to downtown and the riverwalk. There are dozens of shops and businesses within walking distance — restaurants, bars, the grocery store, the gas station. Though I suppose there's no reason to walk to … Continue reading Turtles, lizards, and tadpoles in the rain.

Fort-unately, time machines don’t exist.

Soooo. What's new? (Seriously. I haven't had a spare moment to read blogs in about 10 days. I'll catch up soon, I promise.) When I last wrote, it was the morning after we arrived in Wisconsin. Everything felt very strange and overwhelming. I did not mention how I'd tossed and turned for hours on Wednesday … Continue reading Fort-unately, time machines don’t exist.

We are officially Sconnies!

At 3:19 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31, we officially became Sconnies. Or Wisconsonites, if you prefer, but Sconnies has a fun ring to it. And that's what Jess and Joe, our friends in La Crosse, call themselves. Sconnies it is! Up until Sunday, this move had gone amazingly well. How many people get a job, … Continue reading We are officially Sconnies!

Give me a home where no buffalo roam.

Now that we're packing up all our worldly possessions, we're running across things we no longer need or use. Case in point: I found a check register from 2010. If you're a certain age, you might not even know what a check register is. For the uninitiated (I'm looking at you, Millennials!), it is/was a … Continue reading Give me a home where no buffalo roam.