Life is like a box of Swiss chocolates.

Last weekend we visited Norway and had such a great time, we decided to stop by Switzerland next. Or at least the closest thing to Zurich here in America's Dairyland. That would be New Glarus, Wisconsin, a/k/a "America's Little Switzerland." All we knew about New Glarus was their brewery. It's the home of Spotted Cow … Continue reading Life is like a box of Swiss chocolates.

I Touched The Liberty Bell

As I write these words, the morning sun is playing hide-and-seek with dark clouds racing across the early April sky. The furnace just kicked on and the heater is running, pouring warm air into the townhouse and bringing an official end to our first, brief taste of spring. Hard to believe it was 65 yesterday … Continue reading I Touched The Liberty Bell

Gotham Would Burn To The Ground

You know what really impresses me? The guys in Japan who continue to work on stabilizing the nuclear reactors. They're being labeled as "national heroes," and rightly so. Think about it. These guys are knowingly exposing themselves to dangerous levels of radiation in order to make the repairs necessary to protect their nation's citizens from … Continue reading Gotham Would Burn To The Ground