The One Where Heidi & Ross Tie the Knot

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."  After roasting in the California heat (and what was that strange bright object in the sky, anyway?), truer words were never spoken. We love our gray, wet and cool corner of the country. Having said that, our road trip was a blast. We had a … Continue reading The One Where Heidi & Ross Tie the Knot

Just Like The Pioneers! Gulp…

Tomorrow we're going camping. Now, I've been camping before. But it's been years. And, according to my girlfriend, it didn't count as "real" camping anyway because it took place in a cabin or a camper. Once, even in a yurt. I don't know - it felt pretty real to me, what with the s'mores and … Continue reading Just Like The Pioneers! Gulp…

Poor Cloud Eight

I've been thinking about the phrase "on cloud nine" lately. Probably because I've trotted it out myself recently. When a person is in a state of euphoric bliss they often describe themselves as floating on this aforementioned ninth cloud. Practical logic aside - how exactly does one remain suspended upon a cloud, which is nothing … Continue reading Poor Cloud Eight

2 B Or Not 2 B

Ever wonder what would have happened if historical figures had lived in modern times? I have...and it's a pretty scary thought!