Let’s hope for sunny skies ahead!

When we had that recent brush with tornadoes I might not have known exactly what to do, but I knew one thing we couldn't do: take shelter in the basement. Because it turns out we don't even have a basement. You may be confused given that I wrote about how most of the boxes we'd … Continue reading Let’s hope for sunny skies ahead!

My Kingdom for a Potato Masher!

When we were packing up all our worldly possessions back in August, we were trying to be strategic about which items we might need, and which could remain in storage for six months or so. We knew moving from a three-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment meant space would be limited, and we didn't want … Continue reading My Kingdom for a Potato Masher!

Farewell Voyage of the S.S. No Name

It's been quite a productive weekend so far! With sunshine and temperatures in the 60s, Tara's been busy in the garden. First, she built a row cover for her raised beds. This is to protect them from the cold. We've probably seen our last freezing temperature of the season, but they're forecasting lows in the … Continue reading Farewell Voyage of the S.S. No Name

Those Old Knives Just Weren’t Cutting It

Nothing says you're a grownup more than shelling out $250 for a set of really good kitchen knives. Either a grownup or a serial killer, I suppose. Recent Dexter: New Blood binge aside, we bought the knives last weekend for slicing, dicing, and chopping up vegetables–not body parts (though honestly, these bad boys are so … Continue reading Those Old Knives Just Weren’t Cutting It

Everything is Everywhere

My mom emailed me a couple of days ago, asking for a recipe—a pumpkin cobbler we make for Thanksgiving most years. I sent it to her but hope she doesn't have trouble with the directions the way I did. One of the ingredients is "three eggs, slightly beaten." That's what throws me for a loop. … Continue reading Everything is Everywhere

The Blind Feeding the Blind

My dad never met a blind taste test he didn’t like. Over the years, we have sampled a wide variety of foods and beverages to figure out which we liked best. We've tried boxed mac 'n cheese, ketchup, canned green beans, and tequila, to name just a few. It’s become a rite of passage, and … Continue reading The Blind Feeding the Blind

Tales from the Parking Lost

For a few minutes this morning, I thought I was going to have to make an impromptu trip to Denver. Tara has been away visiting family in Nevada and Arizona. Her flight from Las Vegas to Denver landed at 9:03 a.m. and I assumed all was well, until I received a text from her at … Continue reading Tales from the Parking Lost

Tiny Test Meatballs & Bring on the Snow!

For days, they'd been hyping a big winter storm for us this weekend. Colorado is in the bullseye, but the system is so large it was expected to spread copious amounts of snow our way, too. With this in mind, we took the necessary precautions. I brought my laptop home from work just in case, … Continue reading Tiny Test Meatballs & Bring on the Snow!

Peace Offering

Our neighbor, Kelly (yes, that's her real name), called a truce today. Or, at the very least, appeased us with cupcakes. She was kind enough to bring over this six-pack from Sweet Secrets Bakery in Rapid City. As far as peace offerings go, I approve. I had the opportunity to interview the owner earlier this … Continue reading Peace Offering