Jellyfish Clouds Mean Snow

I was video chatting with my supervisor a few days ago, trying to troubleshoot a blog scheduling error. I'd uploaded a blog to the TobacCo website and scheduled it to post next month, but it went live immediately. Even though, on the website, the post date showed January 11, 2023. Our blog module at work … Continue reading Jellyfish Clouds Mean Snow

Bachelor Chronicles: Day 7

If yesterday's post appeared to end rather abruptly, that's not your imagination. After several hot hours outside, and several gin and sodas, things kind of got away from me. First, Tara tried to video call me, but I couldn't figure out the screen. Then I decided I should make dinner, so I cooked up a … Continue reading Bachelor Chronicles: Day 7

Poor Cloud Eight

I've been thinking about the phrase "on cloud nine" lately. Probably because I've trotted it out myself recently. When a person is in a state of euphoric bliss they often describe themselves as floating on this aforementioned ninth cloud. Practical logic aside - how exactly does one remain suspended upon a cloud, which is nothing … Continue reading Poor Cloud Eight

Feeling Sorry For Clouds

I was taking a walk after dinner last night. It was about an hour before sunset and the westering sun was low on the horizon but still shining brightly. A few clouds were drifting lazily by. They weren't the puffy white cumulus variety, but rather stretched out and gray: shapeless, lacking form and definition. They … Continue reading Feeling Sorry For Clouds