What has 30 legs and looks like an alien?

One morning shortly after moving into our new apartment, I was about to step into the shower when I spotted something so bizarre and creepy-looking, I would have jumped out of my pants if I were wearing any. It was an insect, but not one I had ever seen before. Reddish-yellow body, beady eyes, a … Continue reading What has 30 legs and looks like an alien?

Bring Your Betsy to Work Day

A few months ago, Betsy Kerekes—a/k/a Parenting Is Funny—was eliciting suggestions for a new blog name. Sure, parenting is funny, but these days, she writes more about Jiu-Jitsu. I get a real kick out of that. / martial arts humor. In any case, my suggestion got the most votes, so I "won" the "contest." I … Continue reading Bring Your Betsy to Work Day

How Two Bloggers Three States Apart Became One Heckuva Couple

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away—at least that’s how it feels today—a young man signed up for an account on an online journaling website. This was his first foray into blogging, a term that had been coined just a few years earlier. He wrote mostly about the minutiae of daily life. … Continue reading How Two Bloggers Three States Apart Became One Heckuva Couple

Getting OUR Griswold On: Day 5 – Cincinnati, OH

Cardinals Are the New Flamingos I've kind of been obsessed with cardinals on this trip. Not the St. Louis baseball team, but the actual bird. They're a dime a dozen in the eastern half of the U.S., but where we live, not so much. Eastern South Dakota looks to be the dividing line for the … Continue reading Getting OUR Griswold On: Day 5 – Cincinnati, OH

Thank God It’s Monday

I don’t usually dread the start of a new work week, but when 5:10 rolled around this morning, I cursed. Silently, of course. I didn’t want to wake Tara! Mondays are never great, per se, but they’re a lot less great when they follow on the heels of back-to-back long weekends. Crawling out of bed … Continue reading Thank God It’s Monday

Seasons Change in the Blink of an Eye

Last week was a mentally challenging one at work. This is our busiest time of year, with multiple titles coming out. In addition to our regular publications, we've got our biannual Visitor's Guide, plus the annual bridal magazine and Southern Hills Vacation Guide. Factor in a brand new magazine, an overhaul of a client's website, … Continue reading Seasons Change in the Blink of an Eye

I Mourn Candy Corn Scorn

I stopped by the grocery store for a few items over the weekend and nearly tripped over a display of Halloween candy...surefire proof that "fall" is coming! I ignored the M&M's and Snickers and gummy worms but did grab a bag of that most wondrous of holiday treats, candy corn. Not even politics inspire as … Continue reading I Mourn Candy Corn Scorn

My Slow Descent Into Madness

I decided to do a bit of "spring cleaning" today by going through the drafts folder on my blog. There were half a dozen odds and ends in there, half-formed ideas and such, waiting to be fleshed out (or more realistically, permanently abandoned). Some of these were deserving of publication, while others are real head-scratchers. … Continue reading My Slow Descent Into Madness

[Name of Business]

The Pitfalls of Copy-and-Paste I fell victim to my own copy-and-paste transgressions this week. I'm not really surprised that it happened, but rather, that it took so long to happen. I'm working on a feature story about locally-owned bakeries for the upcoming spring/summer issue of our visitor magazine and have been reaching out primarily through … Continue reading [Name of Business]