Go Break a Leg

A couple of months ago, an email hit my In Box at work. Congratulations, it read. If you are reading this, you’re one of the lucky employees selected to give a presentation at our upcoming member symposium in September.  I didn’t understand how my boss could use words like “congratulations” and “lucky” in an email that announcedContinue reading “Go Break a Leg”

Help, a Belly Dancer is Stalking Me!

Although technically, I stalked her first. (Actually, “stalking” isn’t even the right term. I just took her picture, posted it online, and told the world that she wanted me). You might be wondering why I would do such a thing. The reason is simple, my friends:  clearly, she did want me. The proof is below.Continue reading “Help, a Belly Dancer is Stalking Me!”

We Ate Rudolph (And Santa Got Pissed)

“There’s too much to do around here,” I told Tara this morning. Tough problem to have, right? But it’s true. In the waning weeks of summer, there is too much to do and too little time. We want to go to Windy Ridge, and hike around Mount Hood, and visit the Pittock Mansion, and spendContinue reading “We Ate Rudolph (And Santa Got Pissed)”

Bleu Cheese in my Ice Cream & Belly Dancers on my Brain

Portland is a city known to be a tad “left of center,” if you will. Exactly why I love it: I’m a little left of center. That’s called symbiosis: we have a complementary relationship. I appreciate the quirky, and the Rose City is excellent at dishing it up. Case in point, and one I’ve mentioned before: VoodooContinue reading “Bleu Cheese in my Ice Cream & Belly Dancers on my Brain”