Red-dy, Set, Click

Last week was a weird one in Ye Olde Office. First off, it was “no-fly week,” which meant a complete ban on insects in the workplace. OK, it actually meant our sales guys weren’t traveling as they are the other 75% of the time. Plus, we had all kinds of visitors in the office - members, manufacturers, … Continue reading Red-dy, Set, Click

That’s Hill Areas.

This past week, my coworkers decided it would be fun to keep a running tally of all our puns. Team Content is pretty witty, and I’m always down for a friendly competition, so I was on board with the idea. Our newest hire, whom I shall henceforth refer to as Not-A-Palindrome (or NAP for short), broke out her … Continue reading That’s Hill Areas.

That Time I Met The Boss

I can sum up the most surreal ten seconds of my life in a single photograph captured for posterity: I don’t even know where to begin. How often does one get the opportunity to meet a famous person whom they have admired their whole life? And after doing so, how does one find the proper words to sum up … Continue reading That Time I Met The Boss