Bye Bye, Charlie Harper Guy

The Oscars are tonight, and I'm looking forward to the telecast. I generally avoid awards shows - there's only so much excessive self-congratulatory back-patting spread out over three or four hours that a person can take - but I never miss the Academy Awards. I'm a movie fanatic, and this year I've seen all ten … Continue reading Bye Bye, Charlie Harper Guy

Thank You, Mother Nature

Thank you, Mother Nature. I gave you a hard time back in December. Called you a tease. But the slight was well-deserved, because time and again you tantalized we snow-lovers with promises of frosty, white beauty - only to snatch it all away. You rained on our parade, and I mean that literally (well, except … Continue reading Thank You, Mother Nature

Champagne Wishes on a Sparkling Water Budget

With my finances suddenly dwindling, I've found myself cutting more corners lately. Gone are the extravagant weekly steak and lobster dinners. I no longer take the Maserati through the car wash, I scrub it with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge myself. Worst of all, I had to fire the maid (although really, … Continue reading Champagne Wishes on a Sparkling Water Budget

Mark’s Handy, Pocket-Sized Guide to the Pacific Northwest

I got a great Valentine's Day present when I learned IFC had renewed Portlandia for a second season. I love this sketch comedy series that so perfectly skewers Portland, Oregon. So many of the skits have been dead-on hilarious it's hard to believe Fred Armisen wasn't born and raised here. Mayor Openly Reggae. Best line … Continue reading Mark’s Handy, Pocket-Sized Guide to the Pacific Northwest

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I broke up with somebody this morning. We hadn't been together long - just a couple of months - and I suppose our relationship was like so many others. It burned with a white-hot intensity and passion at first, but the novelty wore off quickly. Our 7 encounters a week dwindled to 4, and before … Continue reading Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Beachy Keen

Every so often, I develop a craving for salt air and sand. Fortunately, the Oregon coast is exactly 100 miles from my front door. Well, give or take a few inches. All I've got to do to quench my thirst is hop in the car, point it west, and start driving. Less than two hours … Continue reading Beachy Keen

Please Don’t Buy Me a Star

Last year, I subscribed to Groupon because I'd heard people talking about the really good deals you could find on there. I have to admit, there are some real bargains; I've purchased a couple of restaurant Groupons myself. But there are some real head-scratchers, too. Take yesterday's Daily Deal for Portland: for $29 you can … Continue reading Please Don’t Buy Me a Star

II Many Roman Numerals IV Me

Green and yellow, baby! Green and yellow. I feel weird typing those words. I am - and always have been - a Denver Broncos fan. They are my team, first and foremost, no matter how sorry their record has been lately. Isn't that the mark of a true fan, though? Sticking by your team through … Continue reading II Many Roman Numerals IV Me

The Universe Has a #$%! Sense of Humor

Eventually, it was bound to happen: I found myself on a job interview yesterday. First one since I joined the ranks of the unemployed a little over three months ago. I initially had mixed feelings over the whole thing. The opportunity sounded fantastic - a copywriting position with a local company close to home. There … Continue reading The Universe Has a #$%! Sense of Humor