Mother Nature Is One Big Tease!

I love snow. Always have, always will. I figure this is because I spent so many years living in Hawaii, where a "cold snap" is defined as a temperature in the lower 70s. Snow still feels like a novelty to me - a magical gift from the heavens, one that buries the world in a … Continue reading Mother Nature Is One Big Tease!

The Six Million Dollar Gift

I just got back from the grocery store, and the first thing I noticed as I went inside was the absence of a bell ringer. You'd think I'd be thrilled about this, right? After all, when last I spoke, I was talking about going out of my way to avoid giving them money. And yet, … Continue reading The Six Million Dollar Gift

Beating The Bell Ringers

Man, the holidays are stressful. It's all because of the Salvation Army bell ringers. You know who I'm talking about - those folks waiting in ambush outside stores this time of year, the ones with the big red kettles who wear aprons and ring bells and wish you a "Merry Christmas" when you're coming and … Continue reading Beating The Bell Ringers

If You Fall Off Your Bicycle – Stay Off!

Thursday, I was craving a break from work, so I decided to take myself out on a date. Lunch and a movie in downtown Portland. All work and no play makes Mark a dull boy, and I needed desperately to get out of the house. Before you say Hey, wait a minute, Mark is unemployed … Continue reading If You Fall Off Your Bicycle – Stay Off!

Running A Murraython

The good news? I don't have to worry about freelance writing screwing around with my unemployment benefits. After checking into this with the Washington unemployment office, I learned the state simply deducts the difference from what I'm earning part-time from my weekly checks. In fact, there's a rather complicated formula/chart wherein they take a percentage … Continue reading Running A Murraython

‘Tis The Season For Traditions

For some reason, last night a memory crossed my mind, something I hadn't thought of in years. I remembered how, when I was 7 or 8 years old and living in Hawaii, one December me, my brother, and a friend or two took it upon ourselves to go caroling through the neighborhood. Keep in mind, … Continue reading ‘Tis The Season For Traditions

Hope I Get Old Before I Die

My hard work spent studying assisted living facilities paid off. They liked my sample article enough to welcome me aboard as an official Contract Writer! I will be assigned seven articles per week. If I feel comfortable enough to write more, I can increase that number to 14. Or 49. Or anything in increments of … Continue reading Hope I Get Old Before I Die

Cartoons Changed My Life

Have you seen the latest Facebook craze going around? Everybody is supposed to change their profile picture to that of their favorite childhood cartoon character in order to raise awareness of child abuse. It's a fun and noble concept, but I didn't do it, mainly because by the time I realized why there were so … Continue reading Cartoons Changed My Life

In Orbit Around Planet Freelance

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen. You can only put out feelers for so long without...well, without getting felt. Yesterday dawned like any other, as routine as I've become accustomed to these past six weeks. I got up around 8:00 - my body's internal alarm clock usually goes off around this time, give … Continue reading In Orbit Around Planet Freelance

I Am Clark Griswold

Wow, it's December already. This is one of my favorite months...I always go a little overboard during the holidays (which explains the falling snow on my blog; great feature, WordPress!). My enthusiasm this year is tempered a bit by the fact that I am unemployed (and further by the fact that I have not received … Continue reading I Am Clark Griswold