We’ll Be Saving Our Road Trips for Months Not Ending in -uary.

Well, we made it to Buffalo and back safe and sound. But we almost didn't. And by the way, Google Maps, that's Buffalo, Wyoming. Not New York. It does not take 21 hours to travel 210 miles...though for a while there, I thought it might. Before we set out on our trip, I was worried … Continue reading We’ll Be Saving Our Road Trips for Months Not Ending in -uary.

Life Would Be Simpler if Bricks Were Like LEGOs

I was listening to the radio on the way to work and the morning show hosts were talking with a caller who happened to be a bricklayer. And I thought, what a ridiculously easy job that must be. I’ve been able to stack since I was two years old. But I realized there was probably … Continue reading Life Would Be Simpler if Bricks Were Like LEGOs

Serenaded by John Denver’s Ghost

Even though we've lived here for more than three years now, it's still weird to think we can just hop in the car and find ourselves in Colorado a few hours later. But we can. And we did. Fort Collins is an easy five-hour drive from Rapid City. Easy but boring: let's just say there … Continue reading Serenaded by John Denver’s Ghost

Bighorns or Bust

Our 48-hour getaway to Wyoming was a blast! We're glad we did it. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicked off on Friday and, despite COVID, about 250,000 bikers arrived en masse to western South Dakota. Our road trip was timed to get away from the craziness for a couple of days. We both worked a half … Continue reading Bighorns or Bust

667 Miles for Oatmeal

I'm not sure if we're crazy, but we basically just drove 667 miles roundtrip for oatmeal. I may be grossly oversimplifying the situation. But we did go to Fort Collins, Colorado for a quick weekend getaway in order to stock up on essentials from Trader Joe's. And it's the second time we've done so this … Continue reading 667 Miles for Oatmeal

Funky F.C.

Tara was supposed to drive to Ely last Friday to take care of house-related business and visit family, but decided to cancel at the last minute when a snowstorm in Wyoming threatened to make the trip treacherous. Because she already had a suitcase packed and was itching to hit the road, she suggested we drive … Continue reading Funky F.C.

Devilishly Good Day

Saturday was pretty much the perfect day. We zipped over to Wyoming (and by the way, how cool is it that we can actually zip over to Wyoming whenever the mood strikes) to check out Devils Tower. Tara had never been and it had been over 30 years since my last visit. Fun-but-annoying fact: there … Continue reading Devilishly Good Day

Getting My Griswold On – Day 12: Ogden, UT

Miles traveled today: 554.9 Total miles traveled: 4890.0 We're Not In Kansas Anymore. Wait, We Never Were... If I had to pick a theme for this trip, it would be Crazy Weather. True, I had a four-day stretch where there was nothing but sunshine - but the other days more than made up for that. … Continue reading Getting My Griswold On – Day 12: Ogden, UT