Doctor, doctor, give me the news; I’ve got a bad case of not knowing you.

Thursday, I had an all-day training session in Wall. Yes, home of the drug store. And the best donuts on earth. I once drove 100 miles for one, so when boxes appeared in the community center for the meeting and I only had to walk a few steps to grab one, I did not complain. … Continue reading Doctor, doctor, give me the news; I’ve got a bad case of not knowing you.

The Word Count Nazis are Ruthless

I joined Nextdoor a few years ago, and by and large, I find it pretty informative...especially when it comes to things like recommendations for contractors. Want to find a plumber or electrician? Who better to ask than your literal neighbors. They're also good at keeping you in the loop about things like porch pirates, suspicious … Continue reading The Word Count Nazis are Ruthless

Cups for Pups

One of my friends posted a photo on Facebook last week after he'd stopped by his local coffeeshop for a morning pick-me-up. Not just for he and his wife, but for their dogs, too. Apparently, it's trendy now for coffeeshops to serve Frappuccinos for dogs. Starbucks has a Puppuccino, and other places have followed suit. … Continue reading Cups for Pups

Two First Days

Now that it's Tuesday evening, I have officially had two first days with my new company. I really need to come up with a nickname so I can talk about 'em without giving too much away, like I did with Ye Olde Publishing Company. Let's see...they have been providing telephone, cable, and internet services to … Continue reading Two First Days

Glorious Weekendtime, Very Nice

It's amazing how quickly a four-day weekend flies by. I'd planned on going for a hike on Thursday, but the weather didn't cooperate. I figured I'd go on Friday instead, but again, it was too cold and overnight snow made the roads dicey. So I watched a bunch of The Haunting of Bly Manor and … Continue reading Glorious Weekendtime, Very Nice

Make a Change

The timing of our trip was pretty fortuitous. Yesterday was devoted to exploring the Black Hills, and the weather could not have been more perfect: sunshine, a deep blue cloudless sky, and a temperature in the low 70s. Today was grey and rainy and it never climbed out of the 40s. We didn't care though, … Continue reading Make a Change

Getting My Griswold On – Day 5: Badlands

Miles traveled today: 178.8 Total miles traveled: 1726.0 Flash. Crash. Repeat. Have I mentioned the crazy weather we're having out here? For the third day in a row, I encountered thunderstorms. And not just any old thunderstorms - big, dangerous ones. With lots of lightning and thunder and - worst of all - hail. As … Continue reading Getting My Griswold On – Day 5: Badlands