Go-Go-Go? No. Slow.

This past weekend, Tara and I did something very unusual. Nothing. This wasn’t our initial plan. We had lofty ideas that included pumpkin patches and corn mazes, but a sudden bout of illness (her), a pair of lackadaisical attitudes (Audrey and Rusty), and an abrupt shift in the weather (Mother Nature) all conspired to giveContinue reading “Go-Go-Go? No. Slow.”

Apple Juice With a Bacon Swizzle Stick

I miss apple juice. Or maybe it’s the idea of apple juice I miss. I just had a cup last week in the hospital. It was the first beverage I drank that actually had flavor following my surgery. After days of being hooked up to an IV and subsisting on nothing more than ice water, itContinue reading “Apple Juice With a Bacon Swizzle Stick”

Bleu Cheese in my Ice Cream & Belly Dancers on my Brain

Portland is a city known to be a tad “left of center,” if you will. Exactly why I love it: I’m a little left of center. That’s called symbiosis: we have a complementary relationship. I appreciate the quirky, and the Rose City is excellent at dishing it up. Case in point, and one I’ve mentioned before: VoodooContinue reading “Bleu Cheese in my Ice Cream & Belly Dancers on my Brain”

Dude, Where’s My Car?

There’s a Seinfeld episode called “The Parking Garage” where our intrepid foursome vainly search for Kramer’s car in a parking garage, but can’t remember where he parked it. Kramer is lugging around a heavy air conditioner, Elaine has a bag of goldfish that will die soon, George has to meet his parents by 6:15 toContinue reading “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Have Yourself A Merry Little Car Bomb

I didn’t realize when I decided, on a whim, to take the kids to Portland’s 26th annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, I’d nearly end up the victim of a terrorist attack. That would have been a real bummer; imagine if I’d been blown to bits during my first-ever tree-lighting experience. Talk about putting a damperContinue reading “Have Yourself A Merry Little Car Bomb”