That Voodoo That I Do

A few weeks ago, we went through the pantry and mentally catalogued what was in there. After finding a random assortment of items - garlic chili paste, barley, a packet of fajita seasoning (to name but a few) - we began to plan dinners around those things in order to use them up. Waste not, … Continue reading That Voodoo That I Do

When Fiction is Nonfiction

Earlier in the week, I came across an interesting and thought provoking blog post by a longtime favorite, Jess Witkins. Jess is currently working on a book of her own, and talked about the worst thing she ever did as a writer. If you don't feel like following the link, I'll "out" her for you: Jess … Continue reading When Fiction is Nonfiction

Holy Matrimony!

As I write this post, I can hear waves crashing on the shore. I'm in a hotel room in Newport, Oregon, with the balcony door open and the cool salt air wafting in. I can hear the occasional cries of seagulls over the roar of the surf. It's been a constant in my ears since … Continue reading Holy Matrimony!

Why I’m Here (Not Philosophically Speaking)

Saturday night, Tara and I met up with a friend from Seattle for drinks at our favorite Portland hangout, Interurban. They had dinner reservations elsewhere, so she and I headed down the street to a restaurant that specialized in Southern food (think hush puppies and collard greens). Good stuff. Then, when we were walking back … Continue reading Why I’m Here (Not Philosophically Speaking)

Might As Well Call It McVoodoo

Speaking of local eateries... I read yesterday that Voodoo Doughnut is expanding outside of Oregon. Sorry, Jess - they're not coming to Wisconsin. But they are opening a location in Denver this fall. And I've gotta say, the news does not thrill me. I have nothing against the Mile High City. I'm quite fond of … Continue reading Might As Well Call It McVoodoo

You Had Me at Bacon

Saturday was an amazing day. Everywhere I went, people stared. They complimented me. Smiled when they walked by. One woman stopped us while we were shopping for groceries, and asked if she could take my picture. I was more than happy to oblige. Talk about a great day for the ego! Then again, it wasn't … Continue reading You Had Me at Bacon

Celebrities & Serial Killers

Saturday evening, after a busy day running errands, we stopped at Papa Murphy's to pick up pizza. I ordered, and the cashier asked for a name. Without missing a beat, I gave him a name. Rico. First off, he didn't ask for my name. Second, I love to mess around with people in the dining industry. In … Continue reading Celebrities & Serial Killers

Go-Go-Go? No. Slow.

This past weekend, Tara and I did something very unusual. Nothing. This wasn’t our initial plan. We had lofty ideas that included pumpkin patches and corn mazes, but a sudden bout of illness (her), a pair of lackadaisical attitudes (Audrey and Rusty), and an abrupt shift in the weather (Mother Nature) all conspired to give … Continue reading Go-Go-Go? No. Slow.

Apple Juice With a Bacon Swizzle Stick

I miss apple juice. Or maybe it's the idea of apple juice I miss. I just had a cup last week in the hospital. It was the first beverage I drank that actually had flavor following my surgery. After days of being hooked up to an IV and subsisting on nothing more than ice water, it … Continue reading Apple Juice With a Bacon Swizzle Stick

Bleu Cheese in my Ice Cream & Belly Dancers on my Brain

Portland is a city known to be a tad "left of center," if you will. Exactly why I love it: I'm a little left of center. That's called symbiosis: we have a complementary relationship. I appreciate the quirky, and the Rose City is excellent at dishing it up. Case in point, and one I've mentioned before: Voodoo … Continue reading Bleu Cheese in my Ice Cream & Belly Dancers on my Brain