Coupscrolling on Twitter

On the same day that Twitter suspended Trump for 12 hours, I logged on for the first time in months. Feels kind of ironic. I've had a Twitter account forever, but rarely use it. You wouldn't know this if you looked at my Tweet count (1,389), but that's only because I set up automatic blog … Continue reading Coupscrolling on Twitter

23 Mountains

Instagram just unveiled a new feature: the ability to toggle between multiple accounts. I’ve been wanting this for years! My first order of business? Creating a work account. I have been pushing the idea of a corporate Instagram account to my superiors for some time. I think IG is a natural place to showcase all … Continue reading 23 Mountains


Tara and I have recently discovered hashtags. I know, I know. They've been around for a few years now. We're late to the party because neither of us really utilizes Twitter, where hashtags were born. If you're unfamiliar with what they are, allow me to enlighten you. They aren't something you order with bacon and … Continue reading #myhashtagisbetterthanyourhashtag

My Cat Is Fat

Last night, I was forced to admit a terrible truth, one that I had long suspected but habitually denied. My cat is fat. I knew she was lazy. Anybody who sleeps 21 hours a day earns that designation. The excessive girth my parents keep pointing out whenever they'd stop by for a visit? Nothing more … Continue reading My Cat Is Fat

How Tweet It Is!

I'm currently reading Bram Stoker's Dracula, a novel that has been sitting on my bookshelf for five years. I have this obsession with Powell's Books, see, and I can't ever leave without buying something. Often books sit around, unread, for lengthy periods of time (though I'll admit, 5 years is a bit much). I was … Continue reading How Tweet It Is!

The Universe Has a #$%! Sense of Humor

Eventually, it was bound to happen: I found myself on a job interview yesterday. First one since I joined the ranks of the unemployed a little over three months ago. I initially had mixed feelings over the whole thing. The opportunity sounded fantastic - a copywriting position with a local company close to home. There … Continue reading The Universe Has a #$%! Sense of Humor