NNWM/24: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Pretty laid back day for us today. For the first time in years, we did not host. We did not go anywhere, either. It ended up just being me, Tara, and Audrey – but that was alright. I found a small turkey at Chuck’s Produce (9.something lbs.) and we just downscaled everything else.Continue reading “NNWM/24: Happy Thanksgiving”

NNWM/17: Bygone Butterball

This morning at work, we were talking about Thanksgiving and one of my teammates forwarded a story about the Butterball Turkey Talk Line. For 35¬†years this enterprising group of Butterball employees has been answering turkey-related¬†questions from consumers every holiday season, helping ensure that John Q. Public hosts a successful Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. It’s aContinue reading “NNWM/17: Bygone Butterball”

NNWM/16: Turkey Panic

I was shopping for groceries after work today, when it suddenly dawned on me that Thanksgiving is barely a week away. For a split second, I panicked. There was nothing Thanksgiving-related on my shopping list. No potatoes, no stuffing, no cranberries, no sexy Pilgrim babes. (What, there’s no such thing? Well, there should be). WeContinue reading “NNWM/16: Turkey Panic”

“The Turkey Exploded!”

I had a minor turkey crisis this evening – and there’s still 14 hours before the bird goes in the oven. Hope this isn’t a sign of some impending holiday disaster. Knocks on pressed wood. (Stupid cheap prefabricated computer desk…) I was busy making dinner. Macaroni and cheese, from scratch, because I must be aContinue reading ““The Turkey Exploded!””