May Day (South Dakota-style)

Happy May Day from South Dakota! Yes, that photo was taken today. Its' been quite a snowy couple of days. 5" of heavy, wet snow on Tuesday, and several more inches today. They say that Rapid City has now recorded its 4th-snowiest winter of all time. To that I say...umm, winter ended about 40 days … Continue reading May Day (South Dakota-style)

Instaglory is Fleeting

A few days ago, one of my Instagram photos was shared by a site with a kajillion followers. Well, 80.8K, to be exact. To be fair, I think the "K" actually refers to "thousand" but that's a moot point anyway. It's still a lot of people! Washingtonexplored reposted a photo of a train trestle I … Continue reading Instaglory is Fleeting