People, People Everywhere

I guess it's basically summer now. Maybe not from an astronomical standpoint—equinoxes and whatnot—but once Memorial Day rolls around, it might as well be. It's when the tourists descend upon the Black Hills en masse. Tara is not a fan of tourist season. From June through August, our normally quiet little downtown nearly doubles in … Continue reading People, People Everywhere

Rattlesnake Under His Dad’s Hat

The Brockelsby name is legendary in Rapid City, though many residents might not immediately recognize it. Impossible to miss, however, is the glass-domed building on Highway 16 — a popular tourist attraction for decades, and the family's enduring legacy. Earl Brockelsby founded Reptile Gardens in 1937. Born on the dusty plains of Kadoka, a stone's … Continue reading Rattlesnake Under His Dad’s Hat

Ban My Book…Please!

I think my book is too tame. Don't get me wrong; it's hardly G-rated. There's sex, violence, and profanity. Kidnapping and substance abuse. Desecration of public lands, for crying out loud. But sadly, nobody has banned No Time for Kings. Too bad, because apparently, banned books sell like hotcakes. If you really want to ride … Continue reading Ban My Book…Please!